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② Building a tall forward Korea University & Dankook University who chose the future rather than the immediate

 Now, all the process of going on to school has been completed. Some schools recruited the players they wanted, while others enrolled a large number of unexpected players. Introducing the current status of new students by university in 2023, which is of great interest to many amateur basketball fans.

There are players who are good enough to go on the college stage right away, but there are players who have the potential to grow in the future rather than immediately. Let’s pay attention to which player chose which university, so that school’s performance improved. 

Failed to recruit a big man, build a diverse forward line

The recruiting of freshmen from Korea University was somewhat different from coach Hee-Jung Joo’s expectations. Samil Commercial High School Kang Ji-hoon (202 cm, C), who struggled throughout the 2022 season, chose rival Yonsei University despite passing the first round.

It was a big disappointment because he was Kang Ji-hoon, who could play right away as a backup big man, but instead, he relieved his regret by recruiting a large number of tall forwards.

Minsu Yu (201cm, F) from Cheongju Shinheung High School is a tall forward who shows a lot of momentum despite being tall. He has grown tremendously since the middle of last season and can play both inside and outside with a lot of activity, but he is still good at one-on-one attacks.

Dong-Geun Lee (200cm, F) of Dong-A High School with a similar style will also wear the Korea University uniform. He is a big man with height, elasticity and speed. However, since he is not an orthodox big man, he has weaknesses in defense.

Yoon Ki-chan (194cm, F), one of the main players in Yongsan High School’s victory, is an all-around player. In his high school stage, he beat the inside and outside to score points, but it is regrettable that the accuracy of the field goal decreases as the distance increases.

In addition to this, Moon Jung-hyun’s younger brother and former U18 national team member Moon Yoo-hyeon (181cm, G) also became a new member of the Anam-dong family. He is a player with solid fundamentals, but he needs time to get into the game.

Lee Jae-min of Sangsan Electronic High School is a player who has consistently competed in high school and has good power in the paint zone, but suffers from a knee injury. 

Dankook University Seok Seung-ho , who chose the future instead of an immediate sense of power, Dankook

University coach Seok Seung-ho is a leader who has a strong propensity to recruit promising players, give them steady opportunities, and develop them into key players

. I got it. Of course, there were some regrets. This is because Lim Dong-il, a tall big man who spent a long time concentrating on recruiting, turned to Chung-Ang University instead of Dankook University.

Thanks to that, I left a regret in the height reinforcement under the goal.

Instead, Eun Joo-young (197cm, C) from Jeonju High School took the place. Eun Joo-young, an undersized big man, has long arms and good rebound positioning, and has a lot of experience. His short shooting distance is considered a weakness, but his adaptation to organized basketball is not bad either.

Adapting to the college stage is key, but as a replacement member, he can be fully utilized.

Daejeon High School’s Gil Min-cheol (198cm, C) would also be a good choice. Compared to other big men, his height is disappointing, but he has good power and fighting spirit behind the basket, so he is not afraid of opponents bigger than himself토토사이트. If he complements his detailed play in the back of the net and is given the opportunity consistently, he could make his name into the lineup sooner than expected.

Gi-ryun Ki (194cm, F) of Naksaeng High School with good fighting spirit has also become a new member of the Dankook University family. He played in and out of high school. He started playing basketball rather late and lacks experience in the game, and although his basic skills are not solid, his attacking ability using height is excellent.

For this reason, Dankook University, which has had fun as a tall forward from the past, is pinning its hopes on the growth of its equipment skills.

Gunsan High School’s Park Su-woo (183cm, G), who was named as a guard, is good at handling the ball and solving the game. On open chances, he throws out-of-the-box shots with confidence, but not with devastating accuracy.

Hongik Univ. High School Lee In-woo (178cm, G) is a shooting guard and has a small stature, but has the strengths of fast speed, fighting spirit defense, and quick finish. In particular, the strong anti-personnel defense and tenacious defense can be used in many ways.