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12th place in annual salary of ‘9.2 billion’ Kim Ha-seong is 1st place… “SD How much lower than expected”

“(Excluding Kim Ha-seong) How much do you mean the rest of the San Diego players are playing below expectations?”

David Schonfield, Bradford Doolittle, Buster Olney, and Lee Joon of ESPN, an American sports media, picked the San Diego Padres as the most disappointing team this season on the 30th (Korean time). San Diego currently sits in fourth place in the National League West with a 24-29 win rate of 0.453. There was even an eight-game gap with the district’s leading LA Dodgers (33-22). It is an embarrassing result considering that San Diego greeted the season with the modifier ‘Champion Candidate’.메이저사이트

San Diego acquired shortstop Dair Xander Bogatz (31) from the free agent market last year for 280 million dollars (approximately 370.8 billion won) in 11 years, and in the middle of last season, traded Juan Soto (25) with the Washington Nationals to strengthen their offensive power. put effort into At the end of April, Fernando Tatis Jr. (24) returned from the ban for taking banned substances, expecting to build a super-luxury batting line, but still no results.

Lee Joon pointed out that Ha-seong Kim (28), who is only 12th in salary in the team, is 1st in bWAR (contribution to victory). Ha-seong Kim has a bWAR of 2.1. Juan Soto (2.0), Bogatz (1.6), Tatis Jr. (1.5), Jake Cronenworth (0.8), and Machado (0.2) are all ahead. Ha-seong Kim has a batting average of 0.242, an OPS of 0.712, 5 homers and 17 RBIs in batting average, which is below the major league average, but is at the top of the team. In addition, the top-notch defense in the major leagues, which can cover all second basemen, third basemen, and shortstops, is added, and the team’s contribution to victory is also ranked first.

Kim Ha-seong receives an annual salary of 7 million dollars (9.2 billion won) this year. It’s not a small amount, but San Diego is a group that boasts a super-luxurious ransom, so it’s pushed aside by his peers. Bogatz is first on the team with $25.45 million, pitcher Darvish Yu (37) is second with $25 million, and Soto is third with $23 million. Main hitter Manny Machado (31) is fifth with $17.09 million, and Tatis Jr. is ninth with $7.714285 million. Compared to super-high-income earners, Kim Ha-seong boasts tremendous cost-effectiveness.

Lee Joon said, “It’s hard to pick a team that’s worse than San Diego right now. When they brought Soto to the trade deadline, Tatis Jr. returned from a drug ban, and Bogatz signed, I thought San Diego would turn the world upside down with their offense. But it wasn’t. Just looking at Ha-seong Kim’s bWAR ranking among fielders on the team this season shows how much the rest of the players are not living up to expectations.”

“I thought San Diego was overrated before the season, but nobody expected them to be mediocre or uninteresting,” Schoenfield said. “I do, and Machado is on the disabled list. San Diego has enough time and talent to make up for it, but it’s unlikely they’ll make the playoffs (because they’re down 1-5 to the Dodgers).”

Doolittle explained, “San Diego is a team that teaches another lesson that an offseason (recruitment race) win is just an offseason win,” and Olney said, “I expected San Diego to win the World Series this year, so this is the most disappointing team. I have no choice but to pull it out,” he said.

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