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‘1st place solo → Wild card elimination’, NYM’s 1 year seen by polar bears

Pete Alonso (28, New York Mets) looked back on last season.

Alonso explained in an interview with American media SNY on the 22nd (local time), “The overall goal is to win the playoffs after 162 games.”

New York finished the regular season in second place in the National League East Division with 101 wins and 61 losses last season. Initially, New York created a solo system in first place with an overwhelming win rate in the first half of the season, but after that, the win rate declined and lost all three matches against the Atlanta Braves, sinking to second place. Although he succeeded in advancing to the wild card, he had to withdraw from baseball in the fall after losing 1:2 to the San Diego Padres. 스포츠토토

Alonso’s remarks on this day showed his determination that this season will not end in vain. “We played great all year, we were consistent, but in mid-September it wasn’t as fun as we should have been,” he said. “Obviously we didn’t finish last year the way we wanted.”

“I don’t know what kind of magic will happen in baseball, so I don’t think we were able to enjoy it as much as we wanted,” he said.

He also expressed his determination, saying, “It is difficult to go through the season the way we did, but this time we will do our best so that everyone can enjoy it.”

This season for New York is an important season with ups and downs. This is because they brought in key players such as Justin Verlander, Senga Kodai, Jose Quintana, and David Robertson by signing a ‘big deal’. In addition, Edwin Dias and Brandon Nemo signed contract extensions for 5 years, 102 million dollars, and 8 years, 162 million dollars, respectively, to prevent departure.

In the midst of already exceeding the luxury tax limit, it seems that there will be strong criticism if it shows a disappointing appearance like last time this season.

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