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‘4 consecutive wins’ ‘Bucheon opponent 6G undefeated’ in front of Bucheon Seoul EK League 2 14R preview

Bucheon FC 1995,메이저놀이터 which is on the rise, and Seoul E-Land, which is strong against such Bucheon, will face each other.

□ Match of Round – ‘Seoul E-Land’, undefeated in 6 matches against ‘Bucheon’ vs ‘Bucheon’, who won 4 consecutive matches,

Seoul E-Land won 3-2 against Cheonan in the 13th round, scoring 2 goals in the second half of extra time. With this win, they went undefeated with 2 wins and 1 draw in the last 3 matches. Honan, a foreign striker who rarely broke out, scored his K-League debut goal in the 11th round against Gyeongnam, and scored a multi-goal in Cheonan just before. E-Land, whose momentum has risen, invites Bucheon home in the 14th round.

Bucheon defeated Busan 1-0 with Kim Seon-ho’s winning goal in the 8th minute in the second half of last weekend. The winning streak that started from the 9th round continued for the 4th game. During that period, the score was 3 goals per game, the most among K-League 2 teams, and the goal conceded was 0.8 goals per game, the lowest after Gimpo (0.2 goals) and Busan (0.6 goals).

E-Land has not lost with 3 wins and 3 draws in the recent 6 matches against Bucheon. In their first match this season, E-Land won 1-0 thanks to Cha Seung-hyun’s goal. Seoul E-Land, which was strong against Bucheon, and Bucheon, who recently won 4 consecutive wins, will face off at Mok-dong Sports Complex at 6:30 pm on the 20th (Sat).

□ Team of Round – ‘Gimcheon’ aiming to recapture 1st place with ‘Gimcheon 5th’ players at the forefront, ‘

Gimcheon 5th’ Yunseong Kang, Changhoon Kwon, Jihyun Kim, and Youngjae Lee will play the final game against Chungbuk Cheongju in the 14th round wearing Gimcheon uniforms. If Kimcheon, who has only one win in the last four games, wins this game, Gimpo can take a break and rise to the top.

Side defender Kang Yun-seong appeared in 8 games, and midfielder Kwon Chang-hoon also participated in 8 games, scoring 2 goals and 1 assist. Striker Kim Ji-hyeon, who scored 3 goals, is the team’s top scorer along with Kim Jin-gyu and Kim Min-jun. Lee Young-jae ranked second with a total of 493 in the recently released April K-League 2 Packing (Pass) Index. Packing (passes) refers to the number of players on the opposing team that have been reclaimed through a pass.

The 5th players who are about to be discharged are determined to decorate the last game with victory. Coincidentally, Kim Ji-hyun and Lee Young-jae scored side by side in the season’s first match against Chungbuk Cheongju, leading the team to a 2-0 victory. The match between Gimcheon and Chungbuk Cheongju will be held on the 21st (Sun) at 6:30 pm at Gimcheon Sports Complex.

□ Player of Round – ‘Andrigo’ Anyang, the core of Anyang’s offense, ‘No. 1 in key pass’,

has succeeded in scoring in every 10 games since the opening. This was the only one out of 13 K League 2 teams. However, they failed to score in the last 2 matches and fell into a slump with 1 draw and 1 loss. Anyang, who needs an answer in the attack, is looking forward to Andrigo’s toes.

Andrigo currently ranks first in the category with 23 key passes. Of these, 5 were linked to goals, leading the K-League 2 in assists. Adding 3 goals here, he is recording 8 attack points. Anyang recorded 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the 5 matches that Andrigo raised the attacking point.

Anyang’s 14th round opponent is Jeonnam. Andrigo has a good memory of hitting the net against Jeonnam in the 32nd round last season. Whether Andrigo will be able to save Anyang from scoring in two games will be confirmed at Anyang Sports Complex from 6:30 pm on the 20th (Sat).

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