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’42 years old’ drug home run king influences Kim Ha-seong? Still, the ‘position’ is solid

While the prospect that Kim Ha-seong will take over as the starting second baseman is dominant, will the 42-year-old ‘drug home run king’, who will wear a San Diego Padres uniform from this season, affect his position?

‘’ had time to look at the defensive position of the San Diego Padres in the 2023 season on the 8th (hereinafter Korean time). First of all, there was a prospect that Kim Ha-seong would play as the main second baseman.

Ha-seong Kim, who took the major league stage in 2021, had a sluggish season in the first year of his debut due to various adaptation problems. But last year was different. Kim Ha-seong recorded 130 hits, 11 homers, 59 RBIs, 58 points, 11 stolen bases, and a batting average of 0.251 OPS of 0.708 in 150 games at bat.

However, it is expected that there will not be many appearances of Kim Ha-seo playing as a shortstop this year. This is because San Diego signed an 11-year, $280 million (approximately 354.3 billion won) super-large contract with Zander Bogatz through the free agent (FA) market after the 2022 season. With Bogatz taking over as the starting shortstop, Kim Ha-seong is likely to move to second base and Fernando Tatis Jr. to the outfield.

‘’ said, “So far, Kim Ha-sung’s defensive power has proven that it works at any position. Kim Ha-seong has played in three places (shortstop, second baseman, and third baseman) so far.” If he’s good enough to warrant, Jake Cronenworth will spend a lot of time at first base.” 온라인바카라

However, it is not that there are no variables at all. In addition to Bogarts, San Diego added Nelson Cruz and Matt Carpenter this winter to deepen their depth. Carpenter has a great career with 1192 hits, 170 homers, 0.263 OPS, 0.825 OPS in 1376 major league games, and Cruz, who has a history of drugs, has a great career with 459 hits, 2018 hits, 170 homers, 0.274 OPS, 0.859 OPS in 2006 games over 18 seasons.

‘’ did not mention Kim Ha-sung’s name, but pointed out that “If Nelson Cruz gets a chance to play against right-handed starting pitchers, Cronenworth can step out as second baseman.” In other words, if Cruise overcomes last year’s slump and revives, Cronenworth will play as second baseman, and Kim Ha-seong, who showed a weak appearance against right-handed pitchers, will narrow his position.

Nevertheless, it is highly likely that Kim Ha-seong will still be the starting second baseman in the 2023 season. ‘’ said, “Ha-seong Kim, who had an outstanding season at shortstop, will move to second base. And he will also serve as a backup for shortstop and third base.” Cronenworth plays first base, and Kim Ha-seong will play second base when he occasionally encounters a right-handed pitcher.”

Kim Ha-seong made a lot of changes throughout the winter to show an improved batting performance compared to last year. How will Kim Ha-seong, who moves to second baseman, who has less burden on defense than shortstop, show on the offensive side?

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