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‘5 wins, undefeated ERA 1.97’ Lim Chan-gyu, ‘Knockdown’, the most runs in the season against NC batters

LG Lim Chan-gyu, who had been undefeated this season, was hit by the NC lineup and took his first loss. 

Lim Chan-gyu started in the home game against NC held at Jamsil Stadium on the 3rd. On this day, he played 11 games before the game and showed off a salty pitch with an average ERA of 1.97 with 5 wins and 1 hold. 5 consecutive wins since the match against Hanhwa on April 22nd. Against this, NC put forward first starter Eric Peddy 메이저놀이터

Contrary to expectations that it would be a tight pitching battle, Lim Chan-gyu was beaten by the NC lineup and hung his head with 7 hits (2 homers), 3 walks, 1 strikeout and 7 runs in 5 innings, recording the most runs in a game this season. 

In the first inning, Lim Chan-gyu was put in a crisis with one out and 1st and 2nd base due to Seo Ho-cheol’s left-handed hit and Park Gun-woo’s walk, and allowed Martin to sweep the double. Lim Chan-gyu, who grounded Kwon Hee-dong to shortstop, gave Yoon Hyeong-jun a walk, but ended the inning by inducing Do Tae-hoon to ground to second base. 

In the 2nd inning, Park Sae-hyuk (1st baseman foul fly), Kim Joo-won (strikeout on a swing), and Son A-seop (1st base grounder) were eliminated, and in the 3rd inning Seo Ho-cheol, Park Kun-woo and Jason Martin were tightly tied up to regain a sense of stability. However, in the 4th inning, NC’s concentrated attack allowed big innings. 

Lim Chan-kyu, who gave lead batter Kwon Hee-dong a left-handed solo arch, set Yoon Hyeong-jun back with a fly ball in right field, but Do Tae-hoon got a right-handed hit. He gave up a walk after a full count with Park Se-hyuk, increasing the number of runners to two. He seemed to escape the crisis by returning Kim Joo-won to the right field fly, but Son A-seop hit a RBI double. Ho-cheol Seo from 2nd, 2nd and 3rd base continued to score a 3-point arch on the left. 

Lim Chan-gyu allowed Kwon Hee-dong a right-handed hit after one out in the 5th inning, but finished the inning without conceding a run. Lim Chan-gyu passed the mound to left-hander Jin Hae-soo in the 6th inning, trailing 2-7. 

LG knelt down to NC 3-7, and Lim Chan-gyu suffered a defeat for the first time this season.

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