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80kg monster grip, Doosan Song Seung-hwan… The climax of the demonstration game “This year will explode”

Doosan Song Seung-hwan (23) is one of the best ‘muscle man’ in the KBO league. His sturdy physique and thick forearms overwhelm his gaze. This is why he has been in the limelight as a promising Geopo since his days at Seoul High School.

Song Seung-hwan began to show off his스포츠토토 strength sexually. He appeared in six exhibition games and had six hits in 14 at-bats. He batted 0.429 and also hit two home runs. Both his batting average and home run rank first on the team.

It is said that an exhibition game is just an exhibition game, but it is a different story for a young player like Song Seung-hwan. Since he is in the first team competition and the starting position, each at-bat is precious.

Song Seung-hwan’s power has increased since he joined the pros. In the physical test he received right after joining Doosan in 2019, his left and right grip strength exceeded 70 kg, but now it is stronger. At last year’s finish camp, his record was close to 80kg. Then and now, he is number 1 on the team. Song Seung-hwan said, “From the time he started playing baseball in the 5th grade of elementary school, his father emphasized grip strength. Even when he was eating, he told me not to let go of the gripper.”

The advice of senior Yang Seok-hwan, who shared the same room during training camp in Sydney, Australia last month, was also very helpful. Song Seung-hwan said, “I wasn’t the type to lift a lot of weight even when I was lifting weights, but Yang Seok-hwan emphasized that ‘you have to lift a lot of weight not only in the off-season but also in the season.'” He said, “I lost about 5 kg during the battery training, and now I weigh about 90 kg. His muscle mass remains the same, but he has lost 5 kg of fat alone.”

Last year, the first season after being discharged from the military, Song Seung-hwan left unsatisfactory results. He appeared in 11 games in the first team stage, and he had a batting average of 0.250 and one home run.

There were many voices saying that he lacked potential. That was the case with team senior Oh Jae-won, who has now retired from active duty and turned into a broadcasting commentator. On the 15th, Doosan and NC’s exhibition game, SPOTV commentator Jae-Won Oh, who was broadcasting, saw Song Seung-Hwan at bat and said, “The mental attitude is a problem.” It was a reprimand mixed with affection, saying that if you work hard, you can do better. Before Commissioner Oh could finish his sentence, Song Seung-hwan hit the opponent’s fastball and flew over the wall to his left.

Song Seung-hwan said, “I took a break from training last year due to overlapping injuries, but Oh Jae-won scolded me. He said, ‘Don’t rest just because you’re sick. The more you do, the harder you have to train,’ he said, ‘in just a few years, your life will change.’ Song Seung-hwan said that Commissioner Oh’s words brought him to his senses.

Song Seung-hwan has been hitting hard every day during his exhibition games, but he is not yet sure of his entry into the opening roster. It is true that his outfielder rain is still uneasy. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop also said, “We are showing a very good performance in hitting,” but also said, “The defense still has a long way to go.”

Song Seung-hwan intends to compete with a bat. “I’m focusing on maximizing my strengths,” he said. “Even if my defense is moderate, I’m trying to show the manager a clear advantage at the bat.”

In recent years, Doosan has suffered an unprecedented ‘home run drought’. Last season, he barely passed 100 with 101 team home runs. It came third behind Hanwha and Kiwoom. Even for a rebound this season, long hitting is needed. Attention is focusing on whether Song Seung-hwan can survive the first-team competition and add strength. Song Seung-hwan put up 10 or more homers as his goal this season.

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