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A mid-range craftsman from the 7th All-Star, should he become a helper for Doncic-Irving?

Aldridge may make a comeback.

‘ESPN’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) that LaMarcus Aldridge is working out with the Dallas Mavericks.

Dallas made a bet on signing Kyrie Irving ahead of the trade deadline. Considering that Irving’s contract ends at the end of this season, it is a strong expression of his will to challenge for the championship right away.

Dallas, which has built a powerful duo leading to Irving and Luka Doncic, is moving for additional reinforcement in the buyout market. Dallas is already connecting with several players.

Among them, an interesting name emerged. More than half of the season has passed, but LaMarcus Aldridge, who is still in free agency without a team. 

Aldridge was a league-leading power forward in his prime. He has a splendid history of averaging 20 points or more six times, being an All-Star 7 times and being selected to the All-NBA Team 5 times. In particular, the mid-range jumper with a sense of stability was outstanding.

Afterwards, Aldridge, whose skills gradually began to decline as he suffered from aging, left San Antonio and joined Brooklyn to try for the first championship of his career, but failed. Last season, he overcame a heart condition and returned to the court to impress, but suffered from frequent injuries.

Aldridge is still a great player on the offensive side if he can get over the long hiatus well. In his last season, playing primarily as a sixth man, he averaged 12.9 points based on a high field goal percentage of 55.0%. The fact that he is a player who has worked with Irving is also a positive factor for Dallas. 바카라사이트

Abundant experience can also be of great help to the Dallas squad. Although he has no championship experience, Aldridge has often stepped on the playoff stage by spending a lot of time with strong teams such as Portland and San Antonio.

However, as the feet slow down, the defensive problem that has become more prominent is a concern. Christian Wood, who is already playing an active role as a key big man, is also a Dallas player who is exposing many weaknesses in defense. In order to cover Aldridge’s defensive weaknesses, it is expected that tactical adjustments or a lot of effort from other players will be required.

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