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A new foreigner to save the lead in the crisis of the ‘Korean Dream 2nd Round 3rd Season’ “The burden is mine, I will show it as a result”

Yvone Montaño (28, Colombia), a new foreign player of Hyundai E&C, had an opportunity to debut in the V-League early.

After finishing the season in Orebro (Sweden), he applied for the V-League tryout. At 1m88, attention was drawn to him, who could be used as an apositive spiker and a middle blocker. However, Montaño did not participate in the draft, and in the end, the V-League was canceled like that. After serving a one-year application suspension penalty for not participating in the draft, he applied for the 2022 tryout, but did not receive any interest.

Hyundai E&C selected Montaño as a substitute for Yasmin Bedart (registered name Yasmin), who missed the third round due to a back injury 스포츠토토. He, who played a season at Murat Pasha in the Turkish League until recently, came to Korea and is preparing for his debut. Hyundai Engineering & Construction coach Kang Seong-hyung said, “There was difficulty in recruiting foreign players because the European league was in progress.” Still, he threw a topic, saying, “I have good technique, but I am curious about how to break through the tight defense of Korean volleyball.”

Montaño, who visited the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium where the Heungkuk Life Match was held on the 7th, said, “After several challenges, I am happy and excited to come to Korea. I think it’s an opportunity,” he said, expressing his feelings about going to Korea. He continued, “I don’t think it will be easy to join during the season. But that burden is something I have to carry.”

Montaño, who had been pushing for a trip to Korea for a long time, watched the V-League through an online video site. He expressed confidence, “Hyundai E&C is a strong team. If I help the team, I will keep the No. 1 position.” Regarding breaking through the opponent’s defense, which coach Kang raised as a hot topic, he said, “I don’t think it will be easy for Korean teams to attack because they have good defense. I will discuss how to solve it through training with my colleagues.”

On this day, 3,798 people gathered at the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium to watch the two teams fighting for the lead. The reporters’ seats were so full that it was impossible to find an empty seat. Montaño said, “Many people have come to the volleyball court. It’s new and exciting to encounter this environment.” “I really love volleyball. My strength is that I do my best for the team regardless of practice or game. A player who is careful with each ball. I want to say,” he promised.

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