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‘Agreement with victims of school violence’ Doosan Kim Yoo-seong, first group registration (comprehensive)

 Doosan Bears rookie right-hander Kim Yu-seong (21), who was forgiven by a victim of school violence (school violence), was named to the first team entry for the first time.

Doosan included Kim Yoo-seong in the first team entry ahead of the 2023 Shinhan Bank Sol KBO League Samsung Lions match at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 27th. Instead, Lee Seung-jin was left out of the first team entry.

Last week,메이저사이트 Kim Yoo-seong reached an agreement while being forgiven by a victim of school violence, and from the 25th he accompanied the first team. On the 26th, he pitched in the bullpen at Lions Park with first-team coaches watching.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said on the 26th, “I will decide when to register for the 1st team after talking with the pitching coach (who watched the pitching in the bullpen),” and decided to register for the 1st team entry that day.

In 2017, when he was in the third year of Naedong Middle School, Yuseong Kim assaulted a one-year junior and was suspended from attendance for 5 days by the School Violence Committee. In February 2018, the Changwon District Court ordered Kim Yoo-seong to attend 20 hours of psychological treatment and 40 hours of community service.

This fact surfaced after Kim Yu-seong was nominated in the 2021 rookie draft.

Kim Yoo-seong received the first nomination from the NC Dinos in the 2021 rookie draft held in August 2020.

However, shortly after his nomination, the problem of school violence in middle school was revealed, and when public opinion boiled over, NC withdrew his nomination.

Kim Yu-seong chose to go to Korea University, and the Korea Baseball Softball Association imposed a one-year suspension.

After entering Korea University, Kim Yu-seong’s family sued the victim’s family for defamation, and they bought a glare.

While attending college, Kim Yoo-seong stood on the mound again after digesting the disciplinary action he received from the Korea Baseball Softball Association. Following this, she participated in the 2023 rookie draft held in September last year.

Doosan took the criticism and nominated Kim Yu-seong, who had the embers of school violence controversy, as the 19th overall in the second round. It also signed a contract for 1.5 billion won.

It was a difficult situation to stand on the stage of the first team unless Kim Yoo-sung could reach an agreement with the victim of school violence. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop and the club also saw an agreement with the victim as a prerequisite for Kim Yoo-seong’s debut in the first team.

Kim Yoo-seong worked hard to reach an agreement with the victim while playing in the Futures (second team) league, and was forgiven last week, opening the way for him to play for the first team.

As he received attention as a large prospect, the Doosan coaches immediately decided to join him in the first team, watch him directly, and put him in the first team entry.

On the 25th, when Kim Yoo-seong joined the first team, Lee said, “It was a prerequisite for Kim Yoo-seong to play in the first team to perfectly resolve the relationship with the victim.” I can play in the army,” he said.

“Of course, it’s not all over just because an agreement was reached with the victim. However, I think it’s time to play baseball because Kim Yu-seong thought and reflected a lot,” he said. role,” he added.

Kim Yu-seong appeared in 3 games in the Futures League and showed a good appearance with 1 win, undefeated average ERA of 2.77.

Doosan’s bullpen has less weight than its starting lineup. This year, Doosan’s starting average ERA is 2.78, ranking first, but the bullpen’s average ERA is 4.22, ranking fifth.

If Kim Yoo-seong shows his potential in the first team, it is expected to be a considerable force for the Doosan mound.

Kim Yoo-seong promised through the club after registering for the 1st team entry, “I will show an exemplary appearance both inside and outside the baseball field.” He continued, “I will do my best to help the team,” and promised, “I am excited and nervous, but I will work hard.”

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