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‘Ansuk’ McIlroy and Reed… Personality and golf manners are also ‘extremely polar’ 

At a recent golf tournament, Patrick Reed (USA), the flagship golfer of the LIV Golf Invitational, threw a golf tee at current world No. 2 Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) representing the PGA Tour, causing controversy.

LIV is a professional golf tour created by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (PIF) last year to compete with the PGA Tour. The atmosphere between the two tours had already been rough due to the stealing of players and slander, but it became a mess when both tour players participated in the DP World Tour (formerly European Tour) competition. The two met by chance at the practice range before the competition. When McIlroy turned a blind eye to Reed’s greeting, an angry Reed took a tee from his pocket and flicked it at McIlroy with his fingers.

In fact, there was another reason for McIlroy’s ignoring Reed besides the war of nerves on the Yang Tour, which was a strained relationship. Because none other than Reed personally sent his attorney to McIlroy’s home on Christmas Eve last year to deliver his court summons. McIlroy couldn’t be happier for ruining a private dinner with his family.

At the time, Reed was suing the Golf Channel broadcasting station, broadcasting commentators, and active players Tiger Woods (USA) and McIlroy, who played with him on the PGA Tour in the past, for defamation against him. From McIlroy’s point of view, Reed, who did such a thing and greeted him as if nothing had happened, would have been rather mean. Maybe that’s why McIlroy proudly won the tournament and flattened Reed’s nose.

Although they are enemies, there are many similarities between the two, who are only one year apart. The two are ‘Tiger Kid’ who started golfing before entering elementary school and regarded Woods as their idol and nurtured their dream of becoming golfers. McIlroy has been noticed as the successor to Woods since his debut, and has been working under the same company for over ten years following Woods. Reed also attended a golf academy run by Woods’ swing coach at the age of 9, and also watched Woods practice. In the last round, it was ‘Wish for Woods’ so fervent that he insisted on wearing a red T-shirt every time, following Woods.

Thanks to their fathers who are both golf fanatics, they received full support from their families despite their poor family circumstances. The two were practice bugs, and with an extraordinary fighting spirit, they always outsmarted their peers and eventually became world-class golfers. But that’s what the two have in common.

Reed is the representative bad boy of the golf world. He once ranked second in the list of the most hated golfers voted by his fellow players. His evil deeds have a long history. Reed’s parents were always worried about their son being bullied and not getting along well with his peers because he was competitive in everything and couldn’t control his anger when angry. 스포츠토토

In college, Reid was caught playing a game by secretly placing a new ball on the fairway instead of a ball that had gone into the grass. He was also suspected of stealing money and putters from teammates in the locker room. In the end, after changing the age of his driver’s license, he was caught drinking alcohol and forged ID and underage drinking, and was sentenced to probation, a fine, and 60 hours of community service. He was eventually kicked out of the school he attended. Even after he turned professional, he was constantly criticized for cheating, breaking the rules, and having a bad game attitude.

On the other hand, from the beginning of his debut, McIlroy has been popular and favored by the public for his honest and friendly image as well as his outstanding golf skills. In particular, he was recognized for his excellent personality to the extent that he was selected without missing even once in the ranking of good golfers, which is selected by a golf magazine in the United States by researching and selecting various golfers, including fellow golfers, caddies, and golf course staff. The survey was conducted four times, starting in 2013, followed by 2017, 2019 and 2022.

Professor at the Graduate School of Golf Science and Industry, Kookmin University, Doctor of Sports Psychology

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