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Anyang KGC lens Abando challenging ‘188cm block king’

There is one main character who stands out in the rankings by category in the regular league of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’. Anyang KGC’s Asia Quarter Lens Abando (25 188 cm) is ranked second in the blocking ranking.

Among the top 10 players in the ‘Shot Block’, Abando is the only one whose height does not exceed 190 cm. He is averaging 25 totals and 1.08 blocks in 23 games. Although the total number of games is lower than that of other players, it is far behind competitors, but in average, it is second only to Jamil Warney (29, Seoul SK) with 1.09 (33 games, 36 blocking). In terms of average records, the gap is not large.

Although Abando is short, his athletic ability is outstanding. His elasticity is good enough that he can jump in place and land a dunk. Moreover, the willpower he shows when defending is outstanding. Thanks to that, he recorded frequent blocking even though his playing time was not long with an average of 18 minutes. On November 18 last year, against Wonju DB, he played 30 minutes and blocked the opponent’s shots by blocking as many as 6 times. 메이저놀이터

If Abando continues to increase his playing time, it is worth aiming for the No. 1 ranking in blocking. However, he is still adjusting to KBL. There are many days when he shows outstanding performances, but there are also many games where his presence was insignificant. He mainly plays as a sixth man, and he has had ups and downs from game to game.

I haven’t been able to play the last game. After the All-Star Game, his body ached, and his condition declined. He is spending time recharging according to the KGC coaching staff’s judgment that it could lead to injury. Team training is digested to some extent, so “the absence period will not be prolonged,” a team official explained.

This season, the eyes of basketball fans are amused by the influx of Asian quota players of Filipino nationality. In addition to his athletic ability, he is playing brilliantly and helping the team through his outstanding personal skills. I wonder if Abando will be able to help KGC lead the way by returning to a healthy body and taking the 1st place in blocking.

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