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‘Are Harden-Siakam lumped together?’ Should Houston, who need to get rid of the sense of defeat, trade the 4th pick?

Houston may trade draft picks.

Houston Rockets reporter Kelly Iko of ‘The Athletic’ reported on Houston’s off-season situation on the 28th (Korean time).먹튀검증

Houston went 22-60 this season and stayed at the bottom of the Western Conference for three consecutive years. The problem is more than the results revealed on the outside, the unorganized appearance the team has shown throughout the three years. In the end, director Stephen Silas, who received a lot of criticism for his leadership, put down the baton.

Houston, which was included in the top 3 (14.0%) of the first pick, has virtually moved away from Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson as he won the fourth pick. Obviously a very disappointing result for the team. In the meantime, there is a possibility that the direction of Houston’s new season will change to the pursuit of more wins.

There are already many promising players who can be the cornerstone of the rebuilding. Young guns full of potential such as Jaylen Green, Jabari Smith Jr., and Alperen Sengoon are playing in Houston. Now, there is a story that it is time for them to grow up with victory, away from the consciousness of defeat.

Just in time, coach Ime Udoka, who had been recognized for his leadership by advancing to the finals in his first year in charge at Boston, was appointed as the new head coach. The reason why he was appointed despite the controversy over his personal life is that he has a strong will for team performance and future development. Not only that, but rumors of the return of James Harden, the best guard in Houston history, are circulating strongly.

At the same time, news even appeared that Houston, which had already secured enough prospects, could immediately reinforce the sense of power by trading the 4th pick. There are not a few teams interested in Houston’s fourth overall pick.

“Several teams have already expressed interest in acquiring Houston’s fourth overall pick. One of the hot topics in the league is the expectation that Houston, Portland and Detroit will pursue aggressive deals around their pick,” Iko said.

Additionally, Iko pointed to Toronto as a team interested in Houston’s pick. What gives this news even more credibility is that Amen Thompson, who is likely to be the 4th pick, has a good size, athleticism and long wingspan for his position, similar to the style of prospects Toronto has favored so far.

Toronto, which failed to advance to the playoffs this season, is a team that is strongly discussed for a full-scale rebuilding. Toronto’s pursuit of the 4th pick is a move very close to rebuilding. Key resources such as Pascal Siakam and OG Anunobi continue to be plagued by trade rumors.

“Toronto has asked Houston about the fourth pick. There are teams that believe the fourth pick is a really good pick, and there are teams that want to get that pick,” Iko said.

Siakam and Anunobi are the most likely cards that Toronto can offer if it is the trade of the 4th pick and the immediate sense of power. If Houston catches reliable forwards such as Siakam or Anunobi following the return of Harden, who is constantly being discussed, they will have enough power to challenge the playoffs next season.

However, considering the market value of the two players, additional blood loss may have to be endured for recruitment. Will there ever be a trade between Toronto and Houston?

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