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Ayoung Shin, Director of the Livestock Cooperative, announces the statement…”I was embarrassed and distressed even though I couldn’t attend the board meeting”

Announcer Shin Ah-young issued a statement related to the pardon.

The Korea Football Association announced that the association’s vice-presidents and all board members expressed their intention to resign en masse this afternoon (4th). The Korea Football Association added that they plan to submit an official letter of resignation soon. If an executive appointed according to the association’s articles of association submits a resignation letter, it is regarded as resigning regardless of acceptance.

It was the aftermath of the controversy over the amnesty. 카지노Recently, the Korea Football Association announced a surprise amnesty one hour before the kickoff against Uruguay. It was said that 100 people, including 48 match-fixers, would be pardoned. There was a lot of criticism, and eventually, the temporary board of directors was completely withdrawn, and Chung Mong-gyu, head of the Korea Football Association, bowed his head.

After that, the aftermath was fierce. Former star players Lee Young-pyo, Lee Dong-guk, and Jo Won-hee resigned before the collective resignation was announced. Lee Young-pyo and Lee Dong-guk were vice presidents, and Jo Won-hee was the chairman of the Social Contribution Committee. All of them took responsibility for not preventing this situation and resigned.

The announcement of the resignation of the vice chairman and all board members came out, and the statement of director Shin Ah-young was posted on personal SNS. Shin Ah-young, a former SBS announcer, has been working as a freelancer since 2015, and she has mainly focused on soccer-related work. Then, in 2021, she made a surprise appointment as director of the Korea Football Association. There was no announcement regarding this pardon, but it was officially announced.

Shin Ah-young, director of the board, said, “First of all, I deeply apologize for the delay in expressing my position, knowing that no words can undo the concern I caused to soccer fans, in case my hasty words and actions may cause a bigger damage. At that time, I attended the board meeting for personal reasons. When I first received an offer from the association, I accepted the position with joy, knowing that I would be able to voice the field as a non-player and long-time soccer fan, even though I knew that I had an undeserved responsibility.”

“However, I couldn’t speak out when I really had to, and looking back on myself over the past few days, I felt so ashamed and distressed at my incompetence. I’m sorry. I’m well aware that absenteeism is not an excuse, and I have no excuses. It’s my fault and it’s my negligence. I know very well that soccer has more meaning than sports to soccer fans. I know very well that this autograph should not be easily overlooked. Once again, I sincerely apologize to all of you.”

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