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BACK TO BASIC… The ‘basic’ that Busan tried to regain, that is physical strength.

Director Park Jin-seop of Busan I-Park is busy with the foundation work ahead of the 2023 season. He cited lack of stamina as the biggest problem last year, and revealed that he focused on securing the stamina to endure a season.

Busan, led by Park, had winter training in Chiang Mai, Thailand last January, and is currently in the midst of the second winter training at the Busan clubhouse before the start of the season. As coach Ricardo Perez took over during the 2022 season, coach Park, who had to spend the rest of the season with the given resources without any preparation, was finally able to properly prepare for the upcoming battlefield in earnest. 온라인바카라

Coach Park mentioned his stamina as the keyword for this battery training. Director Park said, “I trained a lot in terms of physical strength in Chiang Mai, Thailand.” No matter how good tactics and detailed movements are taken, it is useless if the players cannot implement them and do not last 90 minutes. No matter how tactically soccer is systematized, players have to run 90 minutes to realize it. In short, no matter what kind of football you play, physical strength is fundamental. Last year, Busan experienced the cruel truth the most painfully. This is why I really put a lot of effort into physical training to avoid repeating it again. “I think it’s up 70-80%. I’ll fill in 10-20% through practice games later, and I’ll match the rest to the opening of the league.”

There is a reason why coach Park mentioned stamina. Under Perez’s leadership, Busan focused more on tactical movements rather than physical strength and took winter training. However, after the mid-half of the second half, it seemed to be shaken so much that it suffered record-breaking defeats several times. Because of this, coach Perez eventually had to step down during the season, and coach Park, who inherited the team, had no choice but to endure the rest of the season within his physical limitations.

This is Park’s plan. Of course, there are other things that are lacking besides physical strength. Due to reasons such as foreign strikers who have not yet been recruited, they have not been able to satisfactorily fill the scoring ability that they had to reinforce. Director Park is confident that it is worth trying. Now Busan can run. You can fight for 90 minutes. As it is basic, I believe that the remaining problems can be sufficiently compensated within the remaining period or within the season.

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