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Basic 4 hours of college baseball, why do you have a voice mixed with self-help?

 “Oh, it’s 4 hours after all.”

When you go to the site where the college baseball 먹튀검증U-League is in full swing, everyone in the pro scouting team breathes a sigh of relief. If you watch the game just in case, it is because the game is over after about 4 hours. Of course, not all matches last that long. However, when a new team or a school with a weak overall power faces each other, the game itself becomes longer. It is clear that it is a trend that goes against the trend of baseball around the world, which aims to shorten game time.

Then, why do you hear the story that college baseball is ‘basic 4 hours’?

The biggest reason is that the pitchers are not in control, so a situation is automatically created in which batters can get on base without hitting. In the U-League, which was broadcast recently, a similar situation was repeated, and it was reported that the viewers were tired. When a flat ball that is not controlled comes in, the bats of the batters go out without fail. If you look at this, it will lead to a slugfest and the game time will inevitably increase.

Even in this situation, the pro scouting team sometimes raises a self-deprecating voice, saying, “Still, we can’t completely exclude universities. Among them, there are talented people who can be used.”

At least, if you train properly, you can overcome these disadvantages, but there is a lack of absolute time for training due to the implementation of weekend leagues and the need to complete credits. Since the conditions for rest are not guaranteed, a situation is created in which players cannot do individual training themselves. At least, if the game time is recognized as a subject called ‘real baseball’ and credits are given, college students whose ground is like a classroom are not allowed this slight consideration.

Amidst these structural problems, KUSF, which oversees college sports, keeps all records of the competitions hosted by them, and only repeats that commercial use in this regard can only be used by them, and is making great efforts to develop college sports. No alternative is offered. In the midst of this, college baseball, neglected in indifference, is placed in a lonely situation where players have no choice but to seek their own way forward.

In order to avoid self-deprecating voices saying that 4 hours is basic, efforts will have to be made to solve these structural problems in the end.

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