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“Be the best in Korea” Jung Ho-young, a large-scale prospect, grows violently, and the manager and captain “whip”

KGC Ginseng Corporation’s middle blocker Jeong Ho-young (22), who has gathered expectations as a large prospect in women’s volleyball, is repeating stormy growth. In the 4th season of his debut, his potential began to explode. 

Jeong Ho-young played an active part in the Pepper Savings Bank match in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 19th with 17 points, including 4 blocking and 1 sub ace, and led Ginseng Corporation to a set score of 3-1 victory. Ginseng Corporation, which finished in 5th place after 4 consecutive losses, continued its spring volleyball hopes with 9 wins, 13 losses and 29 points.  

Ho-Young Jeong, who scored only 6 points in the previous match against Hyundai E&C on the 14th, and the uptrend stopped by one tempo. However, there was no sluggishness for two consecutive games. On this day, in the face of Pepper Savings Bank, with a formidable height and an RBI, he not only scored a quick break and an open score, but also caught 4 blockings.  온라인카지노

Foreign player Elisabeth showed some ups and downs, but Ginseng Corporation, where Chung Ho-young dominated the court, easily took the 3rd and 4th sets. Lee Kyung-soo, acting manager of the opposing team, Pepper Savings Bank, said, “Elisabeth’s attack was defended well to a certain extent, but Jung Ho-young allowed too many attacks.” 

After the game, Jeong Ho-young said, “I am so happy to break the losing streak. It is good that the remaining games have created an opportunity for the team to take off,” he said. 

Ho-Young Chung has scored double-digit points in 7 of the last 8 games and is increasing the proportion of offense more and more. His total of 196 runs was his personal best. After joining as the first overall rookie in the 2019-2020 season, he became the main player in his 4th season. Due to a knee injury and adaptation to a position change, he has fallen short of expectations, but he is growing rapidly this season. He is 190 cm tall and has good jumping power, so he is the number one player in the V-League. 

However, Koh Hee-jin, director of Ginseng Corporation, wants Jung Ho-young to play a bigger role than now. Director Go said, “I told Ho-yeong not to be satisfied with the present. After the season is over, I want people to hear that Ho-young (among middle blockers) is fighting for number 1 or 2. Hoyoung also has such a desire. He will do better in the future, and I hope he runs to become the best in Korea.” 

Captain Lee So-young also commented on Jeong Ho-young’s growth, saying, “He is a very good player, but if you praise him… He laughed and said, “I’m the type to say something from the side, but I’m thankful that Hoyoung is growing well. He has to become a better player,” he said, hoping for a breakthrough like coach Goh. 

Jung Ho-young also volunteers for his night practice and is motivated enough to digest it. He said, “At night setter (Yeom) Hye-sun practices with her older sister, her breathing is getting better. She has to hit well as much as her sister Hye-seon believes in and lifts her up,” she said. Reducing errors that do not appear on the record is also a homework task. It’s my first time running full-time (as a starter), so I have to take good care of my body. He is doing physical exercise and taking medicine while taking care of it,” he said, promising to continue to play until the end of the season.

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