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“Because of the Taegeuk mark… ” A GG outfielder who has already built up his body with a 1kg bat, a sense of responsibility that his colleagues also stick out

“I think I can hit it with a 2kg bat now. I have built my body well. I believe that I will hit a big long hit against Japan.

” This is what hitting coach Lee Bum-ho said about KIA Tigers Na Seong-beom, who has been batting with a 1kg bat since the beginning of the field training.

Na Seong-beom’s determination is different. It is his first and possibly last appearance in the WBC (World Baseball Classic) in his life.

Na Seong-beom, who was included in the preliminary entry at the WBC in 2017 but was eliminated from the final entry and swallowed regret, put the Taegeuk mark again after 8 years. After winning the Golden Glove for the first time in 7 years, he received the most honorable medal as a player on his chest.

Na Seong-beom started training earlier than usual in preparation for the WBC held in March and is raising his pace.

From the first day of camp, the bat turned fiercely. Na Seong-beom’s strength, easily wielding a 1kg bat, sparked his colleagues’ curiosity. 안전놀이터

Infielder Ryu Ji-hyeok first received Na Seong-beom’s bat and started tossing. The feeling of weight was so great that the moment he made his swing, he automatically groaned.

Veterans Choi Hyeong-woo and Kim Seon-bin also took part in the 1kg challenge. Coach Lee Bum-ho, who tossed the ball, gave a comment. “I can see Seong-beom winning a 1kg bat with strength…”

The reason Na Seong-beom trains with a heavy bat is simple. That’s because he can further improve his bat control and power when he goes back to the 900g competition bat after adapting his body strength to the heavy bat.

Taegeuk mark for the first time in 8 years. Na Seong-beom is sweating for the pure honor as a baseball player, without any personal greed.

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