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Busan, 2023 squad number revealed… Captain Lee Han-do 20-Vice-captain Jeong Won-jin 14, Kwon Hyeok-kyu 42

Busan I’Park has revealed the team numbers for the 2023 season.

First, captain Lee Han-do, who leads the team, wore number 20. He said that the reason he chose number 20 was “because I continued to wear number 20 throughout my professional life.” Vice-captain Jeong Won-jin chose number 14, and Kwon Hyeok-gyu chose number 42, the same as last season.

Park Jong-woo, who recently signed a new contract with Busan, will wear the same number 8 as last season. Other players with the same number as last year are Koo Sang-min (No. 1), Eo Jung-won (2), Park Jeong-in (11), Ahn Jun-su (13), Park Ho-young (35), and Hwang Jun-ho (45).

Choi Geon-joo, who is newly with Busan in the 2023 season, chose number 99, Choi Ji-mook, number 26, and Choi Ki-yoon, number 29. Choi Geon-joo gave the reason, “I wanted to do something special with a new mindset,” and when asked if he chose the number 99 because he was born in 1999, he replied, “That’s right too.”

The rookie players who joined Busan this year are Lee Jung-yoon (No. 15), Son Hui (No. 17), Yang Se-young (No. 30), Lee Hyeon-joon (31, 2022 season semi-pro), Jang Myeong-geun (34), Jo Min-ho (36), Kwak Seung-jo. (number 91), foreign player Pesin wore number 7 and Lamas wore number 10.

Park Se-jin wore number 19 last year, but this year she chose number 66. Park Se-jin said, “There is a nickname called ‘Arnold’ among the nicknames given by fans, and I chose it because that player was number 66.” 메이저놀이터

Choi Ye-hoon said, “I like number 3 the most, but I had a lot of injuries last year and had a difficult season, so I wanted to change.
I chose number 21 because I like December 21st and July 21st.” The second number, number 22, was chosen by Lee Sang-heon.
He said, “He is the number when he first played soccer, and he also had a good memory, so he chose it.”

Meanwhile, Busan, which is accelerating preparations for the season by revealing the team number for the 2023 season, will focus on training in Chiang Mai until February 2nd. From February 6th, he will return to the Busan clubhouse and make every effort to lead the league to victory. In addition, Busan is planning to sell uniforms from early February, and is preparing its best to create a season with fans.

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