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‘Buzzer beater 0.1 seconds ago’ NBA Boston, 3 consecutive wins after 3 consecutive losses

The Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA) won three consecutive victories after losing three in a row, leading the game to the end. Boston guard Derrick White (29, USA) overturned the game with a buzzer beater ‘tip-in’ 0.1 seconds before the end.메이저놀이터

Boston defeated the Miami Heat 104-103 in Game 6 of the 2022-23 NBA Eastern Conference Finals (7 matches, 4 wins) held at the Kaseya Center in Miami, Florida, USA on the 28th. Boston, which was driven to the brink by giving away games 1 to 3, balanced the game with 3 wins and 3 losses.

Boston led 98-88 in the 4th quarter with ‘Ace’ Jayson Tatum at the fore. However, it could not stop Miami Jimmy Butler, who exploded late. 3 seconds before the end of the 4th quarter, leading narrowly 102-101, Al Horford blocked Butler and gave up 3 free throws. The defeat was dark as they allowed a reversal by 102-103.

Boston’s Derrick White (left) overturned the game with a buzzer beater ‘tip-in’ 0.1 second before the end. AP = Yonhap News

Up until this point, Miami’s advance to the finals seemed promising. With 3 seconds left, Boston attempted a final attack after the operation time. Boston Marcus Smart, who received the ball with difficulty in an inbound pass situation, shot a 3-point shot that flowed after rounding the rim once. White, who dug under the goal without Miami’s boxing out, managed to score with a footback. It was recognized that White scored with 0.1 seconds left.

Boston led the attack with Tatum scoring 31 points, while Jaylen Brown and Smart also added 26 and 21 points, respectively. White scored 11 points, including the winning goal. “It’s like he went to hell and came back,” Brown said.

On the other hand, Miami’s Jimmy Butler scored 24 points, but it was regrettable that the score only came at the end of the 4th quarter. In addition, Miami shooter Tungcon Robinson missed all two open chances for three-point shots at the end of the fourth quarter, and Bam Adebayo also scored 11 points.

Boston Tatum (right) blocks Miami Butler. AP

There is no case in the NBA 7-game 4-win playoff history that a team that fell behind with 0 wins and 3 losses out of 150 series went up. Previously, the New York Knicks in 1951, the Denver Nuggets in 1994, and the Portland Trail Blazers in 2003 won three straight wins after losing three in a row in the playoffs. However, 20 years ago, all three teams, including Portland, failed to turn over. Boston is looking for the greatest comeback in NBA playoff history.

In the American Major League, there is an example of a reverse sweep of the Boston Red Sox from 0-3 to 4-3 in the 2004 American League Championship Series against the New York Yankees. The Celtics are aiming for a miraculous reenactment of the Red Sox, who share the same hometown.

Returning home again, Boston will play the final Game 7 at TD Garden on the 30th. Miami, which is using the ‘8th seed’ miracle, is in danger of being reverse swept. However, Miami is the 151st team to win three games in a row at the beginning of the playoffs. Earlier, all 150 teams passed the series. Meanwhile, in the Western Conference, the Denver Nuggets are on a four-game winning streak over the Los Angeles Lakers and advance to the Finals.

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