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‘Challenge for 10 consecutive wins’ KIA‥’Southbound train Jamsil singing along!’

◀ Anchor ▶

The bats of the KBO’s KIA are scary.

They’ve won nine straight games for the first time in 10 years,안전놀이터 averaging nearly nine runs per game during that stretch.

They’ve also closed the gap on second place to three games.

Park Jae-woong is the reporter.

◀ Report ▶

It’s the beginning of the ninth inning with KIA leading by seven runs.

A chant begins from the away stands in Jamsil.

“On the rainy Honam Line~ on the southbound train~ through the shaking car windows~”

Nine straight wins in 10 years.

It’s been a long time coming.

KIA fans also pause on their way home.

Kia’s rise has been dramatic, literally.

They were once ranked as low as 9th, but on the 24th of last month, starting with KT, they beat Hanwha, NC, SSG, and Dusan.

They currently sit in fifth place, but have three games in hand on second-place KT.

They could go up at any moment.

[Na Sung-bum/KIA]
“Right now, it’s fun to come out to the ballpark, it’s fun, and the fans support us so passionately, so it’s a lot of fun, and I think we’re just having fun.”

The secret to the nine-game winning streak is the hot bats.

They’re averaging nearly nine runs per game during the streak, and the scary part is that you never know where the big hit is going to come from, as it’s different every time.

In particular, mid-season additions like Na Sung-bum, who hit a grand slam after 47 games, and Kim Do-young, who even performed a bat flip on a huge home run, have sparked the batting explosion.

[Kim Do-young/KIA]
“More than my home run, I’m really happy that the team won nine games in a row, and I’m happy that I’m part of that.”

KIA is on track for its first 10-game winning streak in 14 years, dating back to 2009 when it won the overall title.

Players who had their sights set on fall baseball are now looking higher.

[Kim Do-young/KIA (last 3 days)]
“We don’t know how far we can go with our current momentum, and we want to look at first place.”

This is MBC News’ Park Jae-woong.

Video editing: Kwon Tae-il / Video source: KIA Tigers YouTube

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