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Clinsman’s sudden appointment to Tottenham ‘It is possible to organize relations with Korea’

There were rumors of a return to the European stage after coach Jurgen Klinsmann coached the men’s national soccer team for only two games. It is rumored to be appointed Tottenham Hotspur, where he played during his active career.

Coach Klinsmann, who was a star goal scorer representing Germany, 카지노사이트also has a deep relationship with Tottenham. During his active career, he scored 38 goals in 68 appearances in two short runs for Tottenham. He doesn’t have any achievements left on the team, but he is often mentioned as a representative foreign star who passed through Tottenham because of the era when international exchanges were not as active as these days.

However, the German soccer magazine ‘Kicker’ reported that manager Klinsmann was most recently mentioned as a candidate for Tottenham manager, who is currently vacant. Tottenham are led by assistant coach Christian Stellini for the remainder of the season as acting manager following the departure of manager Antonio Conte at the end of March.

Tottenham tried to appoint a master with experience in the big leagues, but it is known that negotiations were not feasible. Thomas Tuchel was promoted, but Bayern Munich snatched it away, and in that case, he contacted former Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann, but did not hear a positive answer. Recently, coach Vincent Kompani, who leads Burnley in the English Championship (Part 2), has been in the spotlight. In addition to such promising coaches, experienced leaders in the English Premier League (EPL) such as Mauricio Pochettino, Brendan Rodgers, and Graham Porter are also being discussed.

At this time, when coach Klinsman visited Tottenham, there were rumors of a new appointment. Manager Klinsman is on a business trip to intuit the game of European players. On the 15th, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, I visited the game where Tottenham lost 2-3 to Bournemouth and exchanged greetings with Son Heung-min at the stadium. The next day, I moved to Kilmarnock in Scotland to observe Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic).

Klinsman’s representative achievements as coach are Germany’s semi-finals at the ‘2006 World Cup Germany’ and the United States’ advance to the round of 16 at the ‘2015 Brazil World Cup’. Although he is close to a failure in club football, he gained experience coaching Bayern Munich and Hertha BSC. He has no experience coaching club teams outside of Germany.

It is not the first time that Tottenham has been rumored to be appointed. Manager Klinsman said in a past interview that he had a conversation with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy about the appointment, but it was canceled. It is known that Tottenham promoted the appointment of Klinsman in 2021, before Nuno Espiritu Santo took over as manager.

British media outlets that quoted ‘Kicker’ are adding an analysis that Klinsman has signed a contract with Korea until 2026, so he will be able to take office only when the relationship is well sorted out. It was also a factor to point out that Tottenham is one of the candidates considered, but not the first choice.

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