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Confident Ohtani, “Best condition ever!”

In the midst of this, Shohei Ohtani, the top star of the WBC and the signboard of the Japanese national team, made a terrifying remark. He showed strong confidence, saying, ‘Now is the best condition ever’.

This is reporter Lee Seong-hoon.


At his first press conference at the LA Angels’ spring camp, Ohtani confidently declared his current condition as ‘the best ever’.

[Shohei Ohtani/LA Angels/WBC Japan representative: I think it feels good enough now. It’s much better than last year, and I think it’s in the best condition so far.]

All pitching is already world-class, and Ohtani, who is famous for his cautious manner of speaking, said this means that this season ahead of the WBC and free agency. It means that you have prepared sincerely and thoroughly.

Ohtani returned to his humble stance when asked about the Korean War, where he could pitch as a pitcher. 토토사이트

In the 2015 Premier 12, I lowered my body to say ‘I was lucky’ for the overwhelming pitching of 2 games against Korea, and [Shohei

Otani/LA Angels/WBC Japan representative: I was able to stop it because I was in good shape before, but how did I do it this time? I don’t even know if it will be. I’m looking forward to it because I think it’s a team with that kind of power.]

He also revealed his liking for Korean players.

[Shohei Ohtani/LA Angels/WBC Japan Representative: Personally, I really like Korean players, and I always talk with (Korean) major leaguers. They are all good players, so I’m really looking forward to it.]

The Japanese national team, excluding four major leaguers including Ohtani, was convened in Miyazaki today (17th) and had their first training session.

About 18,000 fans filled the stands, and the training video live on YouTube exceeded 15,000 concurrent users, realizing Japan’s keen interest in the WBC.

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