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Daejeon’s only university baseball team, Daedeok University’official foundation ceremony’

 Daedeok University’s baseball team held a founding ceremony and officially participated in the U-League this year.

Daeduk University, led by coach Jeon Dae-young, held an inauguration ceremony at the Daedeok University Gymnasium at 2:00 pm on the 1st. In particular, former Hanwha Eagles scouting team leader Jeong Young-gi, who joined as an instructor, showed a confident appearance, saying, “There are so many good players.

Parents, players, coaching staff, and school officials were all present at the inauguration ceremony to celebrate joining the college league. 스포츠토토

On the other hand, Daedeok University is expected to have a ‘blast’ this year, with a large number of students who performed well on the high school stage last year. Bucheon High School ace Choi Chan-young, pitcher Chang Hyun-jin (graduated from Daejeon Jeil High School), who showed good performances in the same Daejeon area, Segwang Infielder Kim Do-hoon and outfielder Park Ji-ho, Korea K-POP High School infielder Lee Eun-bin and Daegu High School outfielder Kim Gyu-min all entered Daedeok University. Coach Dae-Young Jeon has been able to organize his strength around these freshmen.

Meanwhile, there was no college baseball team in the Daejeon area, but with the establishment of Daedeok University, all five metropolitan cities along with Seoul/Busan/Daegu/Gwangju could have elementary, middle, high, and college baseball teams.

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