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Dankook University 4th grader Lee Doo-ho, “I will make my own color”

 “I want to graduate by creating my own color, saying that this is the strength of Lee Doo-ho.”

Dankook University finished in 5th place with a record of 9 wins and 5 losses in the College Basketball League last year, and advanced to the semifinals by beating Chung-Ang University in the playoffs. In the MBC Cup National College Basketball Championship, he also made it to the top 4. Both competitions were blocked by Korea University, which was the strongest in the university, but I had a year with satisfactory results.

Cho Jae-woo (Carrot) and Yum Yu-seong (Korea Gas Corporation), who were the axis of power last year, are facing homework to fill the gap by advancing to the pros. At Dankook University, where all players jump one step further and prepare for faster basketball, one of the players who needs to play an active role is senior Lee Doo-ho (192cm, F).

Lee Doo-ho and Na Seong-ho, his only motive, said, “It’s good as my motive. It’s the only motivation, so we can rely on each other when it’s difficult, and it’s a strong motivation.” The defense is a little disappointing, but I practiced hard these days, so I will do well in the college league,” explained Lee Doo-ho.

After training on the morning of the 5th in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, I met Lee Doo-ho to hear how he is preparing for his final year of college.

The following is a Q&A with Lee Doo-ho.

I just started my last winter training in college. What mindset do you train with?
Until now, when I was doing winter training, there was a day off in between because a herniated disc ruptured before the start and my knee hurt. This time, after the (last) season, the sore spot was treated well, so there is no sore spot. I want to do it to the end without rest, without regret as long as I can. I lost my thumb while training yesterday (4th), but other than that I’m fine.

I heard that Dankook University continued training after the end of last season. what kind of training did you do?
I took classes in the morning, each person who needed them during the free time did a little weight, and in the afternoon, rather than physical training, I did a lot of breaking through and shooting training that I personally needed.

Last year, the College Basketball League was played both home and away. It was different from the previous one in one place, how was it?
During the season, I was not in the best condition because I had a lot of minor injuries. I took a few days off between games, so I didn’t feel any pressure on my stamina. Still, it was difficult going into the second half. Certainly, when the crowd came in, I jumped one step at a time thanks to the cheering sound, and when I heard cheers, I played the game more excitedly and in a good mood.

Instead of Jo Jae-woo (Carrot) and Yeom Yoo-seong (Korea Gas Corporation), who were the main players, 6 freshmen (Ki-ryun (Naksaeng High School), Gil Min-cheol (Daejeon High School), Kim Tae-young (Cheongshin Shin-heung High School), Park Su-woo (Gunsan High School), Eun Ju-yeong (Jeonju High School)) , Lee In-woo (Hongdae High School) joined. How much do you think Dankook University’s power is this year?
There are many players with good perimeters, so Yum Yu-seong can fill the position. Because Jo Jae-woo fell out, his height decreased. He works hard on defense in the front line, and Song In-joon is in the back line, and Gil Min-cheol, a freshman, also came in.

I lost weight, why did I lose it?
He always kept his weight (the same), but this time (the manager) told him to lose 82kg. He is around 83 kg now. He weighed 86kg last season, and after the season he lost 84kg 토토. I’m slow, so I’m losing weight to get faster and run better.

He knew from the time he was in college that he was slow. How would you look back on your 3 years of college?
For three years, the head coach and coach told me that I had to be quick on my feet. So he couldn’t play advanced defense and continued to watch Jaewoo hyung and No. 4 and 5 (power forward, center). At this time, he did not think that he was slow, but this time he felt that he was slow because he was playing defense to block the front line after Jaewoo hyung graduated.

How is it now that you have lost weight?
Now, my body is getting better little by little, and I feel lighter as I lose weight. When blocking the front line, when defending one-on-one with (guard) Choi Kang-min, in the past, if I was pierced at once, now I try to catch up and block it. Accuracy improved.

After entering Dankook University, I received opportunities to participate to some extent, but when I think of Lee Doo-ho, there is no specific color that comes to mind. What kind of play do you want to show more this year?
You have to defend big man, and you have to do advanced defense. My 3-point shot didn’t go well this time, so I lost my confidence. While he was thinking about something else, his defense was all over. I want to help the team a lot by practicing shooting a lot to regain my shooting skills and working hard on defense.

I played under the basket in high school, but I remember throwing 3-pointers often. Why did your 3-point shooting sense drop so much that you thought you were lacking?
I had a lot of shooting confidence until my sophomore year. After entering last season, I took a break due to an injury, so my body balance was broken and I couldn’t shoot 1 or 2 shots. so it shook a lot.

I need to get my shot feeling back.
Every night, I set a cone and practice shooting mid-range shots and 3-point shots. Even in training, I throw as much as possible when I have a chance to shoot.

What do you want to improve the most in this winter training?
I think the most important thing is to have stamina to show off the skills I have. I work hard to develop my stamina, build up my body well without injury, play tenaciously in defense rather than offense, such as 3-point shots, and try to make 3-point shots one by one when I have a chance to shoot.

What is your goal this year?
I want to graduate by creating my own color, which is that Lee Doo-ho’s strength is this.

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