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Deolmi at the bottom, director Shin Young-cheol’s advice “Go back to your old habits, always be humble” 

“I think I went back to my old habits because I was doing well.”

Woori Card, led by coach Shin Yeong-cheol, scored a set score of 2-3 (13-25, 25-21, 25-18, 20-20-13-25, 25-21, 25-18, 20-3) in the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Men’s Round 4 match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 25th. 25, 9-15) and failed to win 4 in a row. 메이저놀이터

Woori Card (38 points, 14 wins, 10 losses), which only added 1 point, had to be satisfied with reducing the difference between second place Hyundai Capital (43 points, 14 wins, 9 losses) to 5 points. Riverman Agamez (registered name Agamez) scored 17 points, and Na Gyeong-bok also scored 16 points. Kim Ji-han, who kept the court from the middle of the first set in place of Song Hee-chae, also scored 16 points but lost.

After the game, coach Shin Young-cheol said, “The opponent’s serve was good. On the other hand, our serve was not good. I couldn’t block the opponent’s middle blocker attack at all. Even though I was told to wear man to man, it was regrettable. It’s my fault,” he said.

They lost the first set 13-25. When the game was not resolved in the middle of the set, new setter Han Tae-joon replaced the main setter Hwang Seung-bin.

Coach Shin said, “Since Seung-bin was shaken a lot, I had no choice but to include Tae-joon.”

I fought well, but I poured out 30 errors, and I couldn’t find my rhythm at all in the second half of the game.

Lastly, coach Shin Young-cheol said, “It seems that the players have gone back to their old habits because they are doing well. The ball is round. You have to be humble and have a good rhythm.”

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