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Despite the unusual anger of the stone Buddha… 5 consecutive come-from-behind losses, 5 consecutive mistakes to note

It was an exceptional scene that I had never seen during my 19-year professional career.

On the 16th, against KT in Suwon, Oh Seung-hwan, the stone Buddha, expressed his anger. The dugout is frozen.메이저사이트

Interpretation was divided. There was a gaze of self-blame for not being able to protect it. There was also a view that it was a deliberate act to renew the team atmosphere in the face of a crisis of falling to the bottom, which had never been experienced in a losing streak.

In any case, the chief was desperate. But the team didn’t respond. In the end, Samsung was hit by Lee Ho-yeon in the bottom of the 9th inning and suffered a losing streak, 6-7. The next day, on the 17th, against Suwon KT, Samsung lost 5 to 6, and lost 5 times in a row.

It almost fell to the bottom for the first time in the season.

However, Hanwha, which ended later than the Samsung game, went ahead of Kiwoom and eventually lost 6-9, and Samsung managed to keep the ninth place by half a game. Now is not the time to be relieved that you have avoided falling from the top 10.

The losing streak period, the content is not good. He suffered a come-from-behind loss throughout his 5-game losing streak. 4 out of 5 games were lost by 1 point.

There was a common pattern. It was a case where the defense was shaken and could not keep the lead. Samsung committed 8 errors during their 5-game losing streak.

The game against KT on the 17th was also lost due to an invisible and decisive mistake.

The first point at the end of the first inning was also due to the failure to prevent KT’s double theft at the 1st and 3rd bases. The infielder’s throw to the catcher was high enough to require a jump catch.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, with a lead of 3-1, Kang Hyeon-woo’s left-middle batted ball with 2 out and 1st base was not caught by left fielder Pirella. It was recorded as a double, but it was actually a catch error. If he had caught it, it would have been a situation where the 7th inning with 5 runs could have ended.

The last run was also a throw error by shortstop Lee Jae-hyeon, and the runner on third base stepped home. Alford’s 3-way hit ball was caught well in reverse motion, but the throw missed. It was a moment when I regretted what it would have been like if I hadn’t thrown it, considering Alford’s quick feet.

During the period of 5 consecutive losses, Samsung made many decisive mistakes by young beasts who became the new main players. It was the result of a tense moment and lack of experience. Some growing pains to bear. But a team in danger of falling to the bottom cannot afford it. The fact that first baseman Oh Jae-il, who has good defense, is missing due to sluggish batting is also a factor of overall anxiety for the infield.

How can we escape the crisis? When you are in a hurry, you need to play with a wide field of vision and concentration.

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