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Different but same, same but strong! 2023 Daegu FC Camp

With the opening of the season ahead, Daegu FC, a professional soccer team,  has begun field training in Kagoshima, Japan.

This pre-season camp starts in Namhae and  continues to Kagoshima.

Daegu FC  is concentrating on improving the tactical perfection  while maintaining the big picture of the entire team. This is reporter Seok Won from Kagoshima, Japan. ◀Reporter▶ 20 minutes by car to the nearest convenience store,  Daegu FC’s Kagoshima Camp, where you can’t find the feeling of being in Japan anywhere else  . ◀Lee Geun-ho Daegu FC▶  “I was surprised that I was a little more isolated than I thought, but I haven’t been able to go abroad for a while because of the corona. Athletes with long experience in Japan  only focus on training here. ◀Oh Seung-hoon Daegu FC▶  “I’ve been here for a while, but every time I come, it’s like a new place, and I think it’s a space where I can focus on my workouts. I’m out of the country, but there are  areas where I can focus.” This time, consisting of a small number of elites leaving the Namhae  온라인카지노

The focus of the Kagoshima camp is to improve  the team’s tactical perfection  , the coach has changed, and the training map has changed, but  Daegu FC, which has kept the color of the team in the big frame,  shows the determination to become stronger.

  ◀ Daegu FC coach Choi Won-kwon▶
“Since the frame has not changed, that can be an advantage, but it can also be a disadvantage, so first of all, all of our players have the same thoughts that we can share with our staff and play with the same split. We need to become a team that can be as good as possible, I think so, and luckily the players are following me very well…Well, it seems that training is going well.” ” Daegu FC’s pre-season camp 

in an unfamiliar space  , the goal of becoming stronger in the same image was clear.  This is MBC News Seok-won from Kagosama, Japan.” (Video coverage – Lee Dong-sam, Kagoshima, Japan)

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