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Director Park Ji-seong of ‘Lee Dong-joon and Di Mateo joining’, talking again in Spain 

‘Legend’ Park Ji-seong, technical director of Jeonbuk Hyundai, is working tirelessly in Spain. 

Park Ji-seong, technical director of Jeonbuk, is busy. Director Park, who is participating in Jeonbuk’s winter training in Marbella, Spain, is the first to communicate with the players. If he was in the position of an advisor until the middle of last season, he is now in charge.

Technical director, which translates to ‘technical director’, is still unfamiliar to Korean soccer, but it is a position that exists universally in advanced soccer circles such as Europe.

If the head coach focuses on short-term performance improvement, the technical director takes on the role of drawing the big picture of the entire team from a higher position and executing the strategy with a long breath. The scope of work differs slightly depending on the country, but there are not a few leagues or clubs in which the technical director has more authority than the manager in terms of recruiting players.

Park Ji-sung, who took office as Jeonbuk’s advisor early last year, is working to establish the club’s operating philosophy and establish a mid- to long-term plan, encompassing adult teams and youth teams based on his long life in Europe.

He also took on wider responsibilities, such as bridging the team and the secretariat and setting the direction of the youth team system. 온라인카지노

Director Park played a big role in bringing former coach Roberto Di Matteo into Jeonbuk as a technical advisor. He proposed a new job and hired a European coach to join Asian football, which was relatively less interested.

After arriving at Marbella, director Park continued to talk with the players, starting with Choi Chul-soon and Lee Yong-yong. We ask the thoughts, goals, and opinions of each player and deliver them to the coaching staff and the club.

In particular, Lee Dong-jun, who was recruited to strengthen the side striker, and Park Ji-seong, the director, poured their hearts into the field. He moved from England to Germany and expressed his interest, and as a European senior, he gave generous advice. Regarding joining Jeonbuk, Lee Dong-jun also said, “I came to Germany and had a lot of conversations. He also gave me a lot of advice.”

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