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Do you know Pitcher Murakami, a record that was not even ‘165 km monster’… Japan’s first record

Batter Murakami is dying, but pitcher Murakami Shoki (Hanshin) is unstoppable and is making no runs.

He also set the 11th record in the club’s history.

Since the opening, 메이저놀이터he has set a tie record for the club by going scoreless in four consecutive games. It is a record that surpasses the monster Sasaki Loki, who shot ‘165km’ and sparked a topic. Sasaki has stopped in a three-game scoreless streak since the opening.

Murakami started an away game against the Yakult Swallows held at Meiji Jingu Stadium on the 29th and threw 101 pitches in 8 innings, giving up 2 hits, 7 strikeouts and 1 walk, becoming the winning pitcher.

It is Murakami who has also finished the previous three matches (including one hold) without a loss.

The team’s victory in three consecutive starts without a loss is the longest tie record for the 11th club since April 2021.

The match against Yomiuri (Tokyo Dome) on the 12th was 7 perfect innings, and the match against Chunichi (Bante Lindom) on the 22nd was a two-hit shutout, earning his first professional win.

The double-digit strikeout victory with no walks in the game on the 22nd was the first Japanese record for his first win in his debut.

On this day, he showed perfect pitching and filled the regular pitching inning at the point of completion of the 6th inning.

25 scoreless innings from the opening. The average ERA of 0.00 is of course the first in both leagues.

Murakami is a pitcher in a Hanshin uniform with the 5th pick in the 2020 draft. As you can see from his pick-up order, he wasn’t a highly anticipated player.

It was all about throwing 2 games in his last 2021 debut year. There are no records for last year’s appearances.

Instead, last year, he ranked first in the average ERA and win rate in the Western League (second team).

However, his skills this season, which is the third year of his debut, are in full bloom, and he is putting on a reverse fight relay.

He mainly uses fastballs such as fastballs (45.42%), cut fastballs (18.95%) and two-seam fastballs (19.11%).

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