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Dongguk University creates upswing, Lee Dae-gyun maximizes upswing

Lee Dae-gyun (201 cm, C) maximized Dongguk University’s good flow.메이저사이트

Dongguk University defeated Chung-Ang University 77-65 in the South Division of the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League Regular Season at Dongguk University’s Seoul Campus Gymnasium on Friday. With a 3-7 record, Dongguk closed the gap on eighth-place Sungkyunkwan University-Konkuk University (4-5) by 1.5 games.

Dongguk University finished sixth in the 2022 KUSF College Basketball U-League with an 8-6 record. Before that, the team was a consistent playoff contender. They were categorized as an upper-mid-tier team in the college league.

However, the reality of Dongguk University is not easy. The team is missing a lot of graduates, including Yoo Yoo-jin (Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation), Lee Seung-hoon (Changwon LG), and Kim Seung-hyeop (Jeonju KCC). As a result, Dongguk has only won one game in its last eight, excluding the opening match.

However, Dongguk University is not without its standout players. There are players who are doing their part. One of them is Lee Dae-gyun (201 cm, C). Lee is averaging 15.3 points, seven rebounds, two assists, and 1.3 steals per game. He leads the team in scoring and rebounding.

Lee’s size and mobility allow him to not only compete in the height department, but also in the speed department. He can combine with the guards for quick baskets.

Dongguk University used a 3-2 variation of the zone defense from the start, and Lee was responsible for the height battle in the backcourt. He then participated in the fast break. In the set offense, he created paint-zone scores by slipping after a 2-on-2 or breaking through after a 1-on-1.

However, Lee Dae-gyun was isolated by Jungang’s defense. The outside scorer, Park Seung-jae (180 cm, G), was tied up by the Chungang frontcourt. There was no spin-off from Lee, and Dongguk ended the first quarter with a score of 17-26.

Lee started the second quarter on the bench. He was rested alongside Park Seung-jae, but Dongguk University closed the gap to the midcourt with a solid defense. Dongguk University was able to save Lee Dae-gyun, and Lee Dae-gyun was able to replenish his stamina.

Even without Park Seung-jae and Lee Dae-gyun, Dongguk University gained momentum. Swingmen such as Lim Jung-hyun (192 cm, F) and Lee Sang-hyun (190 cm, F) hit three-pointers, and Dongguk’s zone defense further trapped Chungnam. Lee Dae-gyun could only clap from the bench.

With both offense and defense on fire, Dongguk ended the first half with a 45-37 lead. Lee Dae-gyun did not step on the court after the start of the third quarter, but Lim Jung-hyun maintained his three-point touch and Han Jae-hyuk (180 cm, G) piled on the points with foul free throws. Dongguk University led 50-37 just one and a half minutes into the third quarter.

However, it was difficult for Lee to rest for long, as Dongguk doesn’t have a big man with Lee’s dominance. Lee showed his height and speed after coming off the bench, finishing off a fast break pass from Han Jae-hyuk with a euro-step. With Lee’s fast break, Dongguk University extended its lead to 60-44 with four minutes left in the third quarter.

Lee Dae-gyun also cleverly dealt with Chungang’s zone defense. Taking advantage of a gap in the baseline left by Chungang’s big man, Lee penetrated to the right baseline. He scored with ease and then blocked a shot for Chungang University’s underside.

Dongguk ended the third quarter with a score of 65-48, and Lee Dae-gyun started the fourth quarter on the bench. With a big lead, the KU bench wanted to save Lee, and with Ji Yong-hyun (201 cm, C) protecting the paint zone throughout the game, Lee didn’t need to come off the bench.

Dongguk University did not let go of its advantage until the end. Lee Dae-gyun played just 17 minutes and 10 seconds to secure the win (Stats: 8 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 blocked shot). He maximized the team’s momentum. In any case, the win was huge for Dongguk University. It gave them the confidence that they can win without their star big man.

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