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“Double first place once…” Son A-seop, a post who has no home run ambition, evolves into a customized hitter for resignation

A double hit is a record that can represent a mid-to-long-distance hitter. Can Lotte Giants outfielder Koh Seung-min evolve into a hitter tailored to resignation according to his wishes?

The late Seung-min was a year that imprinted his existence as ‘Post Son A-seop’ last year. In his first year back from active military service, he posted a .834 OPS with 5 home runs, 30 RBIs, and 31 runs batted in (74-for-234) in 92 games. 

The search for Son A-seop’s successor, which was thought to be in trouble after Son Ah-seop (NC)’s FA transfer, was resolved relatively easily. Of course, it is difficult to jump to conclusions because it has not been verified as a full-time season, but it can be seen as a success just by raising hopes. As such, Ko Seung-min’s performance was enough to raise expectations.

His contact skills are great and he’s confirmed that he can hit extra shots on occasion. However, he does not have much desire for long hits himself. He’s hit five home runs this year, but he “didn’t think he’d hit a home run, and he doesn’t have home run greed,” he says. 

But he has one clear goal. He said, “I want to hit more hits than home runs. And while hitting a lot of elaborately strong batting balls, he emphasized, “I want to try to win first place in doubles like Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom).” Lee Jung-hoo recorded 49 doubles in 2020, holding the record for the most doubles in a season.  카지노

Go Seung-min’s goal can be seen as customized. Sajik Stadium, which was remodeled last year, has been transformed into a stadium where it is difficult to hit home runs. By pulling the home plate, the distance to the fence increased and the height of the fence increased. As the outfield widened, it was transformed into a better place to record doubles than home runs. 

In 70 games played at Sajik Stadium last year, Lotte and the opposing team hit a total of 260 doubles. 3.7 per game. This is more than Daegu Samsung Lions Park’s 3.58 per game (247 in 69 games).

Ko Seung-min also hit 15 doubles in 262 at-bats last year. There was one double in 17.4 at-bats. Lee Jung-hoo, who finished 4th with 36 doubles last year, also got a double in every 17.4 at-bats. Oh Jae-il (Samsung), who ranked first with 42 doubles, recorded 1 double per 12.7 at-bats in 536 at-bats. 

In order to meet the heightened expectations from his performance in the second half of last year and achieve his goals, it is necessary to build a healthy body that can play full-time and develop physical strength. And you have to be of one mind with Sajik Stadium. Will Koh Seung-min be able to create a season where he can spread his wings wide at Sajik Stadium this year?

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