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Dream trees to grow in the wilderness, KBO worried about ‘next-level’…”Pro players in 6 years”

“In six years, these guys will become professional players.”

Korea is on a demographic cliff. In a situation where the elderly population is increasing and the declining birthrate is accelerating, various social problems have occurred and it is not known what problems may arise in the future. 

A situation where the low birth rate and population growth are going negative will inevitably reduce the number of children in school. Accordingly, it is an unavoidable and unavoidable problem that the number of students who take on challenges in the field of arts and sports, including baseball, is also decreasing. 

What kind of troubles and solutions did the baseball world come up with for overall social problems? The future depends on it, but it is a problem that the baseball world cannot actively solve, so I had no choice but to think more fiercely. What came out of this process is the ‘Next-Level Prospective Training Camp’, which is celebrating its second year this year.

Since the 25th, the 40 national team members selected by the Little Baseball Federation have been receiving systematic guidance at the injured Gijang-KBO Baseball Center with sound of spirit.

Since last year, KBO has been providing opportunities to receive professional guidance at the professional level for little baseball players who are planning to enter the first year of middle school and graduating seniors of the third year of middle school who are planning to enter the first year of high school. Following last year, former Hanwha coach Jang Jong-hoon was appointed as head coach, and Kim Dong-soo (battery) Lee Jong-yeol (battery) Cha Myung-joo Hong Min-goo (Lee Sang-yi pitcher) Kim Min-woo (defense) coaches are in charge of training for each part. 

The schedule of 12 nights and 13 days has no time to rest. In the morning, customized physical training is conducted with professional trainers dispatched by the Korea Athlete Trainer Association. In the afternoon, from warm-up, technical training is conducted by position, such as defense, batting, and pitching. It runs for 3 hours, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Two weeks is too short to make a big change. Instead, we are trying to familiarize the players with the basic skills and basic principles over and over again. As much as the fighting spirit of the players, the passion of professional coaches is high. Their voices resonate without a break, and they do not leave the players alone for a moment. Upon returning to their lodgings, they are also given character education, such as injury prevention education and school violence prevention. 메이저놀이터

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Agency are also supporting the ‘next-level’ camp with a sense of responsibility for the ‘future of the country’, so KBO also tried to provide the best opportunity to those responsible for the future of Korean baseball. Satisfaction among students is also high.

A KBO official said, “The players try to hit even one more ball and try to catch it more. For student athletes, working with leaders who have made their names known in the pros will be an experience that is difficult to come across.” 

Head coach Jang Jong-hun of the ‘Next-Level’ training camp said, “I hope that young people grow well and become good players. cute and listens well Perhaps this opportunity will be an unforgettable memory.” He smiled and said, “The players are better equipped than I thought. I want to tell you that the leaders of Little Baseball have suffered.”

“These players will become professional players in six years. I wonder how proud I would be if I were a member who participated in the ‘Next-Level’ camp.”

From February 8, the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) will also hold the ‘Next-Level Training 2nd Camp’ in Jeju Island with 30 players recommended for high school.

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