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‘Drunk Driving’ Jonathan Wantan Alajuelense, “Always welcome when you come back”

Prestigious Costa Rican club Alajuelense are showing interest in signing Jonathan Moya, a Costa Rican striker whose contract was terminated due to an unfortunate accident at FC Anyang.

According to the Costa Rican media <Centro America>, coach Andres Carevich Alajuelense mentioned Jonathan’s situation through an official press conference and expressed his desire to sign him for the team.

Coach Carevich said, 카지노사이트“I know there was a situation in Anyang where I was in Korea, but I don’t know what his current situation is.” “Jonatan is a player we know well and has been with us for a long time. He was a player I was with. He will always be welcome when he returns.”

In fact, Jonathan was a much-loved player at Alajuelense. He scored 38 goals in 99 appearances for Allahu Elense, and was instrumental in helping the Costa Rican Liga to the top in the FPD in the 2020 season.

Jonathan was the hottest striker at the beginning of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 season. He played in five matches and scored five goals, contributing greatly to Anyang’s lead from the beginning of the season. However, he caused a drunk driving accident and was terminated from Anyang. He was the most popular star for Anyang fans, but unfortunately the breakup was not good.

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