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‘EPL Love Call’ Kim Ji-soo Showcase… Block the French attack on the favorites

Kim Ji-soo (19, Seongnam FC)’s European advance showcase will be held.

Kim Ji-soo prepares for the first leg of the 2023 FIFA Under 20 (U-20) World Cup Group F group match against France to be held at Mendoza Stadium in Mendoza, Argentina on the 23rd at 3:00 am (Korean time). Born in 2004, Kim Ji-soo, who is one year younger than other key players, is likely to remain last in this tournament as she played an active role as a key center back in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-20 Asian Cup last year.메이저사이트

The reason Kim Ji-soo’s performance in this tournament is attracting attention is that he has enough talent to receive a transfer offer from Brentford of the English Premier League (EPL) recently. According to the Seongnam club, Brentford transferred not only a transfer fee of 700,000 dollars (1 billion won) that meets Kim Ji-soo’s buyout (transfer allowed amount), but also a cell-on clause that pays a certain percentage of the transfer fee to Seongnam when transferring to another club in the future. was officially proposed. The EPL team sent an official letter to acquire Kim Ji-soo, a second-year defender with a career record of 20 appearances in the K-League.

Kim Ji-soo, who has a 1m92cm and 83kg physique, signed a semi-professional contract for the first time in the history of the club last year when he was a student at Poongsaeng High School for the Seongnam U-18 team. At the age of 17 years, 4 months and 20 days, he set the record for the youngest ever debut in the K-League since the introduction of the promotion and relegation system. His right-footer, Kim Ji-soo, can use both his feet freely enough to be misunderstood as left-footed. He is evaluated as showing strength in the build-up, which has recently been emphasized as an important role for a defender.

In particular, Kim Ji-su not only proposed an official transfer from Brentford, but also rumors of a transfer to Bayern Munich (Germany), a world-renowned club, continued to circulate. With this background alone, scouts around the world are expected to focus on Kim Ji-soo throughout the tournament. This could lead to more love calls from Europe.

Seongnam FC defender Kim Ji-soo. Photo = Seongnam FC

Seongnam FC defender Kim Ji-soo (center). Photo = Seongnam FC

Kim Ji-soo’s performance has a lot to do with Kim Eun-joong’s success or failure in this tournament. In particular, the first leg against France, which is considered a favorite to win the tournament, will be a watershed moment in advancing to the round of 16. An important task for Kim Eun-joong is how well he can block the French attackers in the midst of objective inferiority. Kim Ji-soo’s role is bound to be great.

France is a team that reached the semifinals at the UEFA U-19 Championship last year. Even on the European stage, where competition is particularly fierce, it has advanced to the finals in five out of six recent competitions, and is always classified as a candidate for the championship in the U-20 generation, enough to win the championship in 2013. Roum Chauna (Dijon), who scored the most goals (4 goals) in the U-19 Championship, was excluded from the list, but Wilson Odo is playing a key role in French Ligue 1, recording an assist against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) this season. Ver (Trois) and Alan Virginius (Lille) are considered to be on alert.

If Kim Ji-soo goes through the first hurdle well, he can turn on the green light for Kim Eun-joong to advance to the round of 16. The second leg of the tournament is against Honduras at 6 am on the 26th, and the third leg is against Gambia at the same time on the 29th. Kim Ji-su said through the Korea Football Association, “It is special because it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. I will stay as long as possible so that I can enjoy this festival as long as possible, even one more game.”

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