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“Even lost because of the club” Criticism of Kim Yeon-kyung’s determination… Fans ‘truck protest’

Fans’ anger toward Heungkuk Life Insurance led to truck protests. “Volleyball is not club puppet play,” he wrote. Kim Yeon-kyung also made a decision and pinched the club’s behavior.

This is reporter Choi Ha-eun.


< Heungkuk Life Insurance 3:2 GS Caltex|Professional Volleyball V-League (Yesterday) >

Amidst the passionate support of the fans, Kim Yeon-kyung flashed in every crisis, and Heungkuk Life Insurance won after a close match.

However, after the game, even coach Lee Young-soo, who acted as manager, left the team, and Kim Yeon-kyung criticized the club’s behavior as “embarrassing” with his hard face.

[Kim Yeon-kyung/Heungkuk Life Insurance: It seems that there were parts that were not fully understood even when everyone thought, and I personally thought so.]

Previously, the club explained that it had never intervened in the appointment of players, but Kim Yeon-kyung said, “The club wants There are also games that I lost while doing what I did,” he refuted.

His eldest sister Kim Hae-ran also joined the public criticism.

[Kim Hae-Ran/Hungkuk Life Insurance: The players knew about the player appointment (intervention), and they were hurt a lot.]

Fans started a truck protest against the club, which was about to throw out the manager who led the team to second place and move on to an unconvincing explanation. I did.

In front of the headquarters of Taekwang Industrial and Heungkuk Life Insurance, the parent company, the phrase “exceeding authority” was displayed. 안전놀이터

[Kwon Soon-chan/Former Heungkuk Life Insurance coach (withdrawal on the last 2 days): (Head) Send me a text message, someone, someone… But I didn’t.

Coach Kim Ki-joong, who was appointed today (6th), said that he had been entrusted with full power, but players must stand on the court without trusting the club.

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