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‘First championship in 18 years’ Choo Shin-soo, gifts worth 50 million won to SSG officials

Choo Shin-soo (41), the eldest brother of professional baseball SSG, gave gifts worth 50 million won to 55 people involved in the team.

On the 5th, SSG said, “Choo Shin-soo presented Shinsegae gift certificates to those who supported the team in invisible places such as the bus, locker room, laundry room, team cafeteria, ground, cheering seat, and training ground스포츠토토.” He expressed his gratitude to the officials who helped him win his first professional debut in the United States and Korea last year.

Choo Shin-soo said, “I have thought that these people have a heart that loves and cares for our players, so good energy and energy gather to prevent injuries and improve individual players’ records.” see,” he said. He added, “If the gratitude is well conveyed to these people, you will feel a sense of mission, belonging, and pride to the club, and you will have a sense of loyalty to the team.”  

Choo Shin-soo, who underwent elbow surgery after finishing the 2021 season, overcame rehabilitation and played an active part in the regular season with a batting average of 259, 16 home runs, and an on-base percentage of 308.2 Lee. In particular, in six Korean Series games, he contributed to the team’s overall victory with a batting average of 3.2 and an on-base percentage of 4.1 and 4.

In particular, Choo Shin-soo shed tears of joy as he won his first championship in 18 years of his professional career, including his time in the Major League (MLB). In response, all the players included in the Korean Series entry last year collected 30 million won and gave gifts to 30 people involved in the home game.

An official from SSG said, “At the championship celebration held on November 10 last year, an idea for a thank-you gift came up for the officials who created the best game environment.” SSG plans to begin its official training schedule this year, starting with spring camp in Florida, USA next month.