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First victory at the end of 4th and 5th… KEPCO catches Korean Air and saves hope for spring volleyball

Korean Air, who fell into a losing streak for the first time this season, and

KEPCO, a red flag for leading Mercury, caught a ‘big fish’ from the first game of the 5th round. Thanks to this, the competition for leadership and spring volleyball has become more intense.

KEPCO won with a set score of 3-1 (13-25, 25-22, 25-23, 25-18) in a confrontation with Korean Air in the 5th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Division held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the afternoon of the 2nd. has been reaped Korean Air fell into their first losing streak this season.

Prior to the game on this day, Korean Air had won all four matches this season, but three of the four matches were full set matches. KEPCO, which did not give up even when it lost, shook off its disappointment in the 5th round.

The regret of the 1st set, but the 1st set of KEPCO, which changed dramatically from the 2nd set

, flowed in a one-sided flow. Korean Air, which succeeded in scoring 6 consecutive times at 3-5, set out to take the lead. ‘Veteran’ Kwak Seung-seok’s serve shook KEPCO’s receive line, and it was not enough to overturn the gap that had already widened. Korean Air posted 6 serve aces in the first set alone.

However, KEPCO after the second set was completely different from the first set. Lim Seong-jin and Shin Young-seok, who scored only one point in the first set, improved their condition, and Thais less host (registered name Thais) also struggled. In addition, as Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln)’s rear attack failed on 21-19, Korean Air could no longer pursue.

In an instant, the weight of the game slanted in the 3rd set, and KEPCO widened the gap with Seo Jae-deok’s back attack and Koo Gyo-hyeok’s sub ace at 14-13. Then, Shin Young-seok and Park Chul-woo’s consecutive blocking broke the opponent’s will to pursue. Korean Air caught up by one point at 24-20, but had to give up the third set due to Thais’ successful back attack.

KEPCO, which won two sets, did not want to go to the fifth set. In the 4th set, 6-4, Lim Seong-jin’s consecutive serve aces cemented the victory, and even Lincoln, who made an offense in 9-5, failed to show his skills.

The middle of the 4th set was Seo Jae-duk’s ‘Showtime’. Seo Jae-deok, who showed off his presence with a series of sub-aces in 16-12, broke through the opponent’s blocking line and even made a back attack. In the end, KEPCO, which reached the match point smoothly, ended the game with Thais’ back attack at 24-18.

It was the first time that Korean Air recorded consecutive losses this season, but it was also the first time that they failed to win in the first game of the round It’s a scenario no one thought of. The performance of Lincoln (29 points, 69.7% attack success rate), who scored the most points among both teams, was also useless.

Even ahead of opponents in key indicators such as team attack success rate (Korean Air 65.91%, KEPCO 57.83%), receive efficiency (Korean Air 36.71%, KEPCO 11.11%), and sub aces (Korean Air 11, KEPCO 9) also knelt down. In the end, the number of rooms (26), which was nearly twice as many as that of KEPCO (14), held back Korean Air. 토토사이트

On the other hand, KEPCO, which was desperate for victory, earned three valuable victory points centered on a triangular formation with Thais (20 points), Seo Jae-deok (15 points), and Lim Seong-jin (13 points). In particular, in the 2nd and 3rd sets, it was crucial that he did not collapse and did not lose his concentration despite the opponent’s pursuit.

There was no change in the rankings, but with the victory in the Korean Air War, the gap between 5th place KEPCO (11-14 losses, 35 points) and 4th place OK Financial Group (12-13 losses, 37 points) narrowed to 2 points. The distance between KEPCO and Woori Card (14 wins, 11 losses, 39 points) is not too far.

As Korean Air (19 wins, 6 losses, 55 points), which has put a brake on the rising trend, is unable to escape, Hyundai Capital (16 wins, 9 losses, 49 points) in second place is expected to intensify its pursuit of the lead. The next matches between Korean Air and Hyundai Capital will be against Korea Electric Power on the 5th and Samsung Fire & Marine on the 7th, respectively. After these matches, the two teams will face off on the 10th at Yu Gwansun Gymnasium in Cheonan.

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