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 ‘Football Economist’ Kim Ho-nam, “The ranking is proportional to the budget… Bucheon is a challenger”

Kim Ho-nam emphasized that Bucheon, which has a tight budget, is a team that must challenge itself endlessly.

Kim Ho-nam met with <Best Eleven> at the 2023 K-League winter battery training media camp held at the Samsung Hotel in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 13th and emphasized that Bucheon was a challenger, so they should advance further without taking last year’s ranking.

Bucheon is not a team with a lot of money. Last season, among the 11 teams in the K-League, Bucheon ranked eighth overall in team salaries. Kim Ho-nam said, “Since I’ve been in the pro for a long time, the team is proportional to the budget and ranking. Bucheon is always in the position of a challenger. This year, we shouldn’t get drunk on last year’s ranking.”

Kim Ho-nam received applause from soccer fans when he directly calculated the cost and time workers spend watching soccer matches as a basis for professional players to do good fan service through his SNS. He even earned him the nickname ‘Football Economist’.

Last year, Bucheon finished 5th and advanced to the K-League 2 semi-playoffs. Unfortunately, it was not possible to make it to the playoffs as it was defeated by Gyeongnam FC, but it was a sufficient achievement. Regarding this, he said, “The coach presents a clear standard. The second is that the players follow the direction in accordance with the direction. They follow the standard they have secured without questioning it. That’s why the Bucheon players were evaluated as exceeding expectations.”

It would not be strange to say which team is promoted in the K-League 2 this season. The gap between each team has narrowed. Kim Ho-nam said, “If I talk to the seniors, I think it’s worth trying everything except the first round. I think anyone can be promoted. We have faith and confidence in the position where we can rise.” The first river he picked was Managing Director Kim Cheon. 스포츠토토

He explained that what Bucheon needed for promotion this season was a ‘bowl’. “We need a vessel that can be ranked 2nd or 3rd. Last season, when we placed 1st, we were anxious. If we become a vessel, we are not anxious. The players doubt themselves. We must have our own vessel.”

Then he cited his own past as an example. Kim Ho-nam said, “I was also a candidate player. I was anxious about playing the game. But at some point, the anxiety in playing the game disappeared. If you fully admit it, it will come out. You need to lose strength. Last season, the overwhelming first place was in the first round. However, I put pressure on the 2nd round robin and only managed to get 2 wins.”

He recently had his toenails pulled out due to inflammation. Fortunately, it doesn’t hurt to run. He said, “I pull it out and it doesn’t come out at all,” and said, “There are too many things in everyday life that avoid the essence and only take anti-inflammatory drugs.

Bucheon brought in new players after key players left the team in the transfer market this winter. Kim Ho-nam picked two foreign players and domestic players as players to keep an eye on, saying, “I like Carril and Kaz. I also like Song Jin-gyu. You can see Kim Gyu-min’s growth since last year. He is in good shape during winter training, so it would be nice to pay attention to him.”

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