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‘Glass body’ Chris Sale, this time with shoulder inflammation… on the injured list again

It seems difficult to shake off the stigma of having a ‘glass body’. This is the story of Major League (MLB) representative pitcher Chris Sale (34, Boston Red Sox).

On the 3rd (Korean time), the Boston club said, “As a result of a detailed examination, inflammation was found in Sale’s shoulder,” and put him on the 15-day injured list. Sale said, “I started playing baseball again in a good mood, but he was put in a difficult situation.” Sale took the mound against the Cincinnati Reds in the last two days, but came off the mound in the fourth inning complaining of shoulder pain during a pitch. 먹튀검증

Sale is a left-handed fastball pitcher. He also achieved double-digit multipliers for 7 consecutive seasons from the 2012 season. However, since he moved to Boston, he has been plagued with injuries almost every year. In August 2019, he underwent ligament splicing surgery the following year due to a left elbow injury, and in the spring camp of the 2022 season, he took a break for the entire first half due to a rib fracture. In the second game of his comeback, he was hit in the pinky finger by a batted ball and came off again, and also fractured his right wrist while riding a bicycle. 

In the meantime, Sale, now in his mid-30s, has been steadily digesting the starting lineup this season, but he is not showing the same skills as before. He won 5 wins (2 losses) in 11 games he started, but his earned run average is high at 4.58. 

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