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“Go to the minor leagues!” to Manoa, who ignored the advice to lose weight, “Go to the minor leagues!”…TSN Insider “Excessive bulge-up slows upper body movement”

Alec Manoa (23), who ignored the advice of his senior, is facing a severe frost.

Earlier this season, former baseball player Anthony Recker, who was working as an analyst for MLB Network, advised Manoa to lose some weight. Manoa’s weight reaches 130 kg.

Then Manoah became furious. He sniped at Recker, saying, “Look at the record I posted and say it.”

At that time, most of the American media also sided with Manoa.먹튀검증

Manoa posted a 2022 ERA of 16-7 and a 2-24 earned run average, earning him a nomination for the Cy Young Award Finals.

When he gave such advice to Manoa, he said, ‘It’s nonsense.’

Manoa, who won the public opinion battle unilaterally, was ‘conceited’.

The Toronto Blue Jays treated him as the team’s ace and made him their starting pitcher this season.

However, Manoa gave a disastrous performance and was beaten. Even after that, Manoa continued to be sluggish. As of the 3rd, after two months, Manoa is recording 1 win and 6 losses with an average ERA of 5.46.

In response, Canadian-based TSN Insider Steve Phillips made a sharp point and argued that Manoa should be sent to the minor leagues.

Phillips attributed Manoa’s lackluster performance to overdoing his bulking up.

According to a recent research report, he can throw a stronger ball if he has good upper body strength. As a result, pitchers tend to bulk up during the offseason.

It is known that Manoa also did upper body strength training ahead of this season.

However, it was said to be ‘excessive and unpaid’. Manoa did too many strength training exercises.

Phillips pointed out that the excessive bulking slowed Manoa’s upper body movements. Therefore, the power and control of the ball has decreased.

Phillips said that Toronto should send Manoa to the minor leagues. That’s where you need to make adjustments.

Phillips emphasized that Manoa would not be happy about going to the minor leagues, but it was not a relegation.

Attention is focusing on whether Manoah will rebel against Phillips’ point.

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