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Gyeonggi Provincial Curling ‘Team 5G’ wins by 10 points in the first game

The Gyeonggi Provincial Office (skip Kim Eun-ji, third Kim Min-ji, second Kim Su-ji, lead Seol Ye-eun, candidate Seol Ye-ji, and coach Shin Dong-ho), who formed the dream team this season, won by 10 points in the first game of the National Winter Games.

In the 104th National Winter Sports Festival Curling Women’s Preliminary Round held at Uijeongbu Curling Center from 9 am on the 11th, Gyeonggi Provincial Office (hereinafter referred to as 5G) won a landslide victory over Incheon Metropolitan City Curling Federation (hereinafter Incheon) 13-3.

In the game that day, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office, which scored 4 points in the first end holding the hammer (rear hole), showed overwhelming firepower. The Gyeonggi Provincial Office, which gave only one point to the opponent in the second end, treated the third end as a blank end (0-0).

From the 4th end, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office’s firepower show began. The Gyeonggi Provincial Office completed a 10-point gap (11-1) by stealing 4 points only in the 4th end and 3 points in the 5th end when the opponent caught the hammer (back shot).

Afterwards, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office, which reduced the tempo without much difficulty, completed a 13-3 victory by repeating exchanges of 1 point each from the 6th end. Both teams ended the game with a handshake at the end of the 9th end without a 10-end.

With the victory on this day, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office has a head-to-head confrontation with ‘Team Kim’ Gangneung City Hall (Gangwon). This match, which will in fact be a ‘preview final’, is scheduled to take place on the 11th at 7:00 pm. 슬롯사이트

Meanwhile, the match between the Jeonnam Curling Federation (Jeonnam) and the Gwangju Metropolitan City Sports Association (Gwangju) ended with Jeonnam winning by 2 points.

Jeonnam, who took the lead by scoring 3 points in the first end (back shot), regained the hammer (back shot) by giving only 1 point in the second end. However, Jeonnam allowed a 3-5 comeback due to an accident in which they gave 4 points in the back end of the 3rd.

However, Jeonnam made two consecutive steals by scoring 1-3-1 in a row at the end of 4-5-6, which brought the hammer back, and turned the crisis into an opportunity and kept its lead by 2 points. Jeonnam, which slowed down the tempo from the 7th end, won by maintaining a two-point lead.

Jeonnam will have a ‘regional rivalry’ with Song Yoo-jin’s Jeonbuk Provincial Office at 7:00 pm on the 11th.

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