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Han Hyun-hee and Jung Chan-heon also turned away… Heroes’ Grand Championship Challenge, time to get the pearls out of the soil

 Kiwoom’s stance is firm. Han Hyun-hee (Lotte) as well as Jung Chan-heon (FA) are not in the 2023 season plan.

Han Hyun-hee caused a big wave in the quiet FA market. On the 18th, it signed a 3+1 year 4 billion won contract with Lotte. Kiwoom now receives a list of protected players from Lotte and begins the work of receiving compensation. Han Hyun-hee is grade A. He can choose one of the 20 protected players and take 200% of the previous season’s annual salary or 300% of the previous season’s annual salary.

Han Hyun-hee’s annual salary for the 2022 season was 250 million won. Kiwoom can take 500 million won and one compensation player or 750 million won. Kiwoom has never had a single case of choosing a compensation player in the FA market. Due to the club’s circumstances, it has always taken the maximum amount of compensation. However, this time it is necessary to take a different stance.

This is because Kiwoom took the 2023 season as the year of the great challenge. Head coach Ko Hyeong-wook has never publicly declared victory. However, the comment “We also have thoughts” was made quite often. It is very easy to see that this is the Korean Series championship. Kiwoom recruited Won Jong-hyun for 4 years and 2.5 billion won and Lee Hyung-jong for 4 years and 2 billion won in the FA market. The bullpen, outfield, and center batting line, which were lacking in Kiwoom, were accurately reinforced.

▲ Kiwoom’s previous free agency
phase Player method Contract details Remarks
2008-2009 Jung Sung-hoon transfer (LG) / 1 year 350 million won Compensation 1.44 billion won
2011-2012 Lee Taek-geun recruitment (LG) / 4 years 6 billion won (reward player Yoon Ji-woong)
2012-2013 Lee Jung-hoon stayed/2 years, KRW 500 million
2014-2015 Lee Seong-yeol stayed/2 years, 500 million won, traded to Hanwha in April 2015
2015-2016 Lee Taek-geun stayed/4 years, KRW 3.5 billion
2015-2016 Ma Jung-gil stayed/2 years, 602 million won
2015-2016 Son Seung-rak transfer (Lotte) / 4 years, 6 billion won, compensation 1.59 billion won
2015-2016 Yuhanjun transfer (KT) / 4 years, 6 billion won, compensation 840 million won
, 2017-2018 Chae Tae-in Sa & T (Lotte) / 1+1 1 billion won per year Park Seong-min get
2018-2019 Kim Min-seong S & T (LG) / 3 years 1.8 billion won 500 million get
2018-2019 Lee Bo-geun retained / 3+1 years 1.9 billion won, 2nd draft after 2019 season to KT
2019-2020 Lee Ji-young retained /3 years KRW 1.8 billion
2019-2020 Oh Joo-won stays / 2 years KRW 700 million
2020-2021 Kim Sang-soo SA & T (SSG) / 2+1 years KRW 1.55 billion KRW 300 million + 2022 rookie nomination ticket 1 get
2021-2022 Park Byeong-ho transferred (KT) 3 years, KRW 3 billion, compensation KRW 2.25 billion
2022-2023 Won Jong-hyun recruitment (NC) / 4 years, KRW 2.5 billion (Class C)
2022-2023 Lee Hyung-jong recruitment (LG) / 4 years, KRW 2 billion (Futures FA)
2022-2023 Han Hyun-hee transfer (Lotte )/3+1 year KRW 4 billion

Kiwoom has been deprived of internal FA (excluding signing & trade cases), including the Han Hyun-hee case, a total of 5 times. Jeong Seong-hoon, Son Seung-rak, Yoo Yu-jun, and even Park Byeong-ho a year ago all received only compensation. However, as we aim to win this time, we need to receive compensation. It is evaluated that there are not a few young and promising pitchers in Lotte. 토토사이트

Lotte will categorize the promising players they need to protect and the players who can contribute to Kiwoom’s power and group them as much as possible. If so, Kiwoom can also set standards for Kiwoom and select players. Kiwoom is traditionally known for having a good vision for players. This is the competence of general manager Ko Hyeong-wook, a former player and scout.

There is another opportunity to strengthen Kiwoom’s power. He is Jeong Chan-heon’s reward player. If Jeong Chan-heon signs with another club, he can also receive compensation players. Since it is a B grade, you can get 100% of the salary of the previous season and 100% of the annual salary of the previous season in addition to 25 protected players. If there is no immediate power, you can make a choice that looks into the future.

Kiwoom’s presidential challenge is likely to be limited to this season. If star Lee Jung-hoo leaves, the overall direction should be set to rebuilding from the 2024 season. That’s why winning this season is all the more desperate. If you decide not to catch Han Hyun-hee and Jung Chan-heon, you have to show a good pioneering idea and take care of Plan B.

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