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Heungkuk Life Insurance without a command tower and assistant coach… Kim Hae-ran’s heartfelt “I endure thanks to the fans”

 “It is thanks to the fans that we can endure now.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance scored 3 sets in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division held at the Hwaseong Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 8th in an away match against IBK Industrial Bank. -1 (25-23 30-28 23-25 ​​26-24) and won 4 consecutive wins.

Heungkuk Life Insurance sacked manager Kwon Soon-chan on the 2nd. The team, which stayed in 6th place last season, succeeded in raising it to 2nd place. In a situation where it was not enough to buy the ball high, returning to coach Kwon Soon-chan was a notice of hardship. Shin Yong-joon, the new head coach, cited trouble with the former head coach as the reason why coach Kwon Soon-chan was sacked. He denied the fact that the club’s high-ranking officials intervened in the selection of players.

However, Shin Yong-jun’s explanation was false. After the GS Caltex match ended on the 5th, ‘veteran’ Kim Yeon-kyung and Kim Hae-ran revealed that there was an intervention by the club’s high-ranking officials. In particular, Kim Hae-ran confessed that he had actually experienced this, and Kim Yeon-kyung confessed that he had lost a game that was well solved due to the intervention of the club’s high-ranking officials.

Heungkuk Life Insurance players are in a panic as manager Kwon Soon-chan resigned and even acting coach Lee Young-soo, who led the game on the 5th, announced his intention to resign. However, the performance on the day was not bad. Kim Yeon-kyung could not play the game due to poor condition such as enteritis, but he united and led the team to victory. 토토사이트

It’s been about a week since coach Kwon Soon-chan left the team, but the mood of the team is still turbulent. Kim Hae-ran, who met with reporters after the game, said, “After the game on the 5th, I only had a day or two, so I was busy trying to make up my mind. The process of preparing for today’s game was not easy.” [Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Hae-ran is delighted at the ‘2022-2023 Dodram V League’ Women’s Division, IBK Industrial Bank and Heungkuk Life Insurance match held at the Hwaseong Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 8th.

Continuing, Kim Hae-ran said, “(Kim) Yeon-kyung’s body wasn’t good, and it was hard to hold on to her mind as a senior as she kept overlapping with each other. he explained.

Heungkuk Life Insurance players currently have nowhere to lean on. This is because both the head coach and head coach have left the team. In this situation, the support of the fans is a great strength. Kim Hae-ran expressed his gratitude, saying, “In the current situation, the placards that the fans are carrying are very touching and supportive.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance appointed director Kim Ki-joong as the new head coach after Lee Young-soo resigned. However, coach Kim Ki-joong did not lead Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 8th. It seems that the contract process has not been concluded yet. Kim Hae-ran added, “It’s hard to pay attention to that point (appointment of a coach). The first thing is to get your mind together. I will try to help the players settle their minds.”

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