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‘Honeymoon destination winner’ Kim Si-woo “It couldn’t be better than this”

Kim Si-woo won a come-from-behind championship at the first PGA Tour tournament he participated in after getting married.

Together with his wife Oh Ji-hyun, he enjoyed the joy of winning 4 times in his career.

This is reporter Park Joo-rin.

◀ Report ▶

Kim Si-woo entered the final round three strokes behind Berkeley in the US.

He made a three-hole birdie streak from the start, then moved up to a tie for the lead at the 12th hole.

However, Berkeley took the lead again by reducing one stroke on the 16th hole.

In a crisis, Kim Si-woo’s back heart shone.

He tied for the lead again with a birdie, a picture-like chip on the 17th hole.

Driven by momentum, he also caught a birdie on the 18th hole, and as Berkeley failed to put a birdie, Kim Si-woo won a come-from-behind victory and achieved a total of 4 wins. 토토사이트

[Kim Si-woo]
“Cheers were heard at Berkeley’s birdie on the 16th hole right before the chip shot, but with the thought that ‘there is nothing to lose’, we attacked more boldly. It couldn’t be better than this.”

In particular, Kim Si-woo, who was preparing for the tournament with a honeymoon in Hawaii after marrying Oh Ji-hyun of the KLPGA tour last month, enjoyed a double celebration.

[Kim Si-woo]
“It’s so good that we didn’t even think about falling (each other), and it seems like our minds have become stable, so didn’t we win the championship so quickly…”

[Oh Ji-hyun]
“(Cheering) I thought it would be fun and fun, but I was much more nervous than the match, and I think this moment is the happiest.”

Kim Si-woo, who received 1.7 billion won in prize money, also raised the world ranking to 41st.

This is Park Ju-rin from MBC News.

Video Editing: Kim Kwan-soon

This video can be viewed on the MBC News website due to copyright issues.

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