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Hyundai Engineering & Construction OH, Ginseng-Road Construction OP…What is the first reinforcement for each team?

 The Asian quota system has finally been introduced to the Korean volleyball stage. The first player called to the V-League was Thai national team captain Phonpun Gedpard (setter). 

On the 21st, the ‘2023 KOVO Women’s Asian Quarter Draft’ was held at the Sangam Stanport Hotel. 

A total of 24 players 온라인카지노(Thailand 8, Philippines 6, Japan 3, Indonesia 3, Taiwan 2, Hong Kong 2) submitted applications. Among them, 11 strikers, 5 middle blockers, 3 liberos, and 5 setters challenged the Korean stage. The annual salary of the players selected in the tryout is $100,000 (including tax) for both men and women.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea won the first place, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction took the second place. In the third place, KGC Ginseng Corporation was named. Subsequently, Korea Expressway Corporation in 4th place, Pepper Savings Bank in 5th place, and GS Caltex took the 6th place, and Heungkuk Life Insurance took the last place. 

Industrial Bank of Korea coach Kim Ho-chul, who picked the top pick, chose Phonpun Gedpard (173cm, setter), the captain of the Thai national team, who is undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the Asian quota. Last year, along with the Volleyball Nations League (VNL), he was a player who took a very fast toss at the world championship and took a snow stamp. 

Following this, Hyundai E&C nominated Thai striker Wipawi Sitong (174cm, outside heater/apposite spiker) and announced the absence due to Ko Ye-rim’s knee surgery and reinforcement of the outside heater due to the transfer of Hwang Min-kyung. Wipawi played for the Thai national team from 2017 to 2022 and has also played in the Vietnamese league. 

In an interview after the event, coach Kang Seong-hyung said, “I thought it was suitable for both height and defense, so I nominated Wifi.” There is Hwang Yeon-joo in Spiker,” he said.

After joining, Wifi is expected to fill the spot as the main player. Reinforcement of team receive seems to be the main role.

Through a nomination interview, Wifi expressed his confidence that he could “play well in both positions as an outside heater and an apposite spiker.” 

KGC Ginseng Corporation and Korea Expressway Corporation selected Apogee Spiker players side by side. Ginseng Corporation selected Megawatti Puttywe (Indonesia, 185cm), and Expressway Corporation selected Tanacha Sosuksot (Thailand, 180cm) to announce reinforcement of strikers. However, it is undecided whether to take the position of the player as it is or change it to another position considering the foreign mercenary draft. 

In addition, Pepper Savings Bank reinforced the midfield with MJ Phillips (182cm/ Philippine-US dual citizenship), a middle blocker, and GS Caltex selected Medy Yoku (Indonesia), a short outside heater with a height of 170cm. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Abondanza, who obtained the last nomination right, chose a Japanese player. Reina Tokoku, who is 177 cm tall, can handle both Apogee Spiker and Outsider Heater. He has been active in Denso Airy Biz, the first division in Japan, until the 2019-20 season. 

As a result, all clubs reinforced their strength by recruiting Asian players one by one without omission. From the upcoming 23-24 season, a different V-League stage with two foreign players will be held. Existing domestic players must develop their competitiveness in earnest in order not to lose their starting positions to Asian players while matching their breath with new colleagues for victory. 

The long-term observation point of this system is whether domestic players’ skills will improve for the ‘selection competition’, the league fun and level will improve, and furthermore, the development of Korean volleyball will be brought about.

Of course, as this is the first attempt, it has a strong experimental nature. It is not known until the lid is opened how well the Asian players’ power will work on the domestic stage. It is time for the coaches of each club to draw up a new outline of what position to put the recruited players in and how to train them. 

Meanwhile, the men’s Asia Quarter Draft will be held at Jeju Halla Gymnasium from the 25th

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