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“I came to Chelsea from the 9th, what do you know”… Porter confronts Ferdinand head-on

Chelsea manager Graham Porter responded by saying “I don’t know anything” to Rio Ferdinand and Joe Cole, who pointed out his handling of the controversy during the match. 

Chelsea is set to play the first leg against Borussia Dortmund in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League in the 2022/23 season, which will be held at Signal Iduna Parque in Dortmund, Germany on the 16th at 5:00 am (Korean time). 

Recently, Chelsea have not yet reaped the effect of spending an astronomical amount in the winter transfer market, only winning three games in a row in the league. 

In the previous match against West Ham, with the score tied 1-1, Connor Gallagher’s shot hit Thomas Suchek’s arm in the penalty box, but after a video review (VAR), the penalty was not declared and the chance was lost. . 

Porter replied after the game, “I saw the scene,” but did not comment further.

Regarding this, Manchester United legend defender and English football celebrity Rio Ferdinand said, “It’s a matter of experience. If it was Jose Mourinho, he would have turned his focus to VAR rather than performance issues on the pitch,” pointing out Porter’s interview skills. 

Cole, from Chelsea, was also treated like a kid, saying, “If Porter has ever worked at this level, he must also know how to make a fuss from time to time.”

When Porter’s response was controversial due to Ferdinand and Cole’s remarks, related questions surfaced at the press conference ahead of the Champions League match.  바카라사이트

Porter responded strongly as if he had waited.

When asked at a press conference why he wasn’t angry at the time, Porter said, “Of course I’m angry. I’m human too. I’m just behaving the way I think is right at work.” did. 

“The media reported that I should have been more angry, and they were talking about the referee on a very shallow level. He added that his decision was an act that took a lot of consideration into consideration. 

Porter has also responded to his critics.

He said: “If you think you started your coaching career in the English ninth division and got to the Champions League with Chelsea, not being angry when you’re angry, being nice when you need to be nice, then I think you know nothing.” He refuted that it was an appropriate method based on his career. 

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