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‘I can’t send you like Koulibaly’… Napoli raises Kim Min-jae buyout by 22.9 billion won

 Napoli is trying to resist the Premier League love call by raising the buyout of key defender Kim Min-jae.

Italian media ‘Il Martino’ reported on the 4th (Korean time) that Napoli would raise the buyout amount in order not to easily give Kim Min-jae to the Premier League. 

The press said, “Minjae Kim’s buyout amount is 48 million euros (approximately 64.8 billion won). This buyout clause will only be active during the first two weeks of July.” We are trying to raise it to 65 million euros (about 87.7 billion won).” 

Kim Min-jae, who joined Napoli from Fenerbahce last summer with a buyout of 18 million euros (approximately 24.3 billion won), entered the big league called Serie A and immediately demonstrated his skills. 

Kim Min-jae quickly emerged as one of the best center backs in the league, defending all the outstanding strikers in Serie A. 

Based on these performances, Premier League teams began to pay attention to Kim Min-jae. In particular, Premier League clubs such as Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, who have considered signing him in the past, are known to be interested.

‘Il Martino’ reported that Lawrence’s intention was not to easily give Kim Min-jae to the Premier League. 

The reality is that the Premier League sweeps talented players with enormous capital beyond imagination. 

Even in the January 2023 transfer market alone, the Premier League spent a whopping 829.86 million euros (approximately 1.1207 trillion won).  메이저놀이터

This is nearly four times the total expenditure of 259.67 million euros (approximately 350.7 billion won) in other European big leagues (League 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, and La Liga).

Moreover, it was shocking that Chelsea club alone spent 329.5 million euros (about 445 billion won), surpassing the spending of the other four leagues. 

Man Utd, which mainly targets Kim Min-jae, only had a loan transfer this winter, but it is a big club that spent 240.32 million euros (about 324.5 billion won) alone last summer. 

For that reason, even the €65m that Napoli are trying to set up in the Premier League could be easy money. 

However, it is an amount that can give Napoli a considerable transfer fee income. 

When selling Kalidou Koulibaly, who transferred to Chelsea last summer, Napoli spent 38 million euros (approximately 51.3 billion won), a lower amount than expected. 

It is read that Napoli does not intend to let go of Kim Min-jae, who is a substitute for Koulibaly and shows more than that. Even if he sends it, it is regarded as an intention to send it at full price by raising the buyout.

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