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“I envy Seung-yeop” At the age of 21, he already served as a reserve… ,’The 1st prospect’ Son Seong-bin is back

“I envy Seung-yeop”

Son Seong-bin performed outstandingly while attending Jangan High School and won the ‘Lee Man-soo Catcher Award’, which is given to the best catcher among amateur players, and was evaluated as the best in the draft at the time. received The Lotte Giants, whose catcher depth was not thick at the time, nominated Son Seong-bin in the first nomination for the 2021 rookie draft. There were not many samples in the early stage of his debut, but he had an impact.메이저사이트

Son Seong-bin played 52 games in the 2nd group in 2021 and struggled with a batting average of 0.199, but in the 1st group, he played 20 games and left an impressive performance with a batting average of 0.316 (6 hits in 19 at bats) and an OPS of 0.725. He was originally scheduled to enlist in Hyeoneok in August to quickly resolve military issues, but changed his plan to join Sangmu, and after receiving a passing grade, he enlisted in Sangmu alone in Lotte. And on the 12th, a long time passed, I was ordered to be discharged.

In the 2nd group, Son Seong-bin showed great growth. Son Seong-bin played 69 games last year, recording 39 hits, 1 home run, 31 RBIs, 30 points, and a batting average of 0.285 OPS of 0.831. put in In particular, at the beginning of this season, Son Sung-bin recorded a batting average of more than 40% in the 2nd team and wielded a fire bat.

Director Larry Sutton couldn’t hide his satisfaction at seeing Son Seong-bin, who is making progress in the business world. At the beginning of last month, the command tower said, “Son Seong-bin is doing well, and Na Seung-yeop is doing a very good job.”

What would it have been like to look back on the past year and a half of being on the Sangmu baseball team? Son Seong-bin said, “It seems to have been beneficial,” and said, “It is a situation where you can’t help but feel sexually stressed in “. It was a time to learn. I really felt a lot.”

In particular, Son Seong-bin’s ‘hitting’ ability has grown dramatically while staying at Sangmu. He explained, “My roommates are (Choi) Won-joon hyung (KIA) and (Choi) In-ho hyung (Hanwha), and I learned a lot from them. did.

what would have changed Son Seong-bin said, “First of all, it has become very simple, such as reducing a lot of things in the at-bat. And as I personally practiced with a good direction before entering the at-bat, it seems that the results followed as well as I prepared for the game.” He revealed the secret to achieving good results without doing it.

Of course, it’s not just the attack power that has improved. Although he spent a long time in Sangmu, his ability to work with pitchers also improved as he entered his third year as a pro. Son Seong-bin said, “My goal before entering the management was to become a catcher who gave the pitcher confidence. It’s like that,” he smiled.

Prior to this season, Lotte signed a 4-year, 8 billion won contract with Yoo Kang-nam, one of the four free agent catchers. The fact that Yoo Gang-nam is wearing a Lotte uniform can be of great help to Son Seong-bin if he looks into the future. He said, “Because he thought he was weak in framing himself, he wants to learn a lot. In addition, if you ask questions about this and that, I think he will convey a lot of know-how.”

Son Seong-bin, who has solved his military problems, aims to play in the first team as soon as possible. It is unknown whether he will be called up to the 1st team at the same time as he is discharged, but Son Seong-bin will join the 1st team before resigning from the Hanwha Eagles on the 13th. He laughed and said, “(Lotte) has been doing really well these days. I can’t really express it in other words.” given and said

In November after Son Seong-bin is discharged, Na Seung-yeop will also complete his military service. Na Seung-yeop is expected to be able to play in a Lotte uniform from the 2024 season. Son Seong-bin said, “Recently, (I) Seung-yeop is really envious. Because Seung-yeop is here, I joke around a lot, and because he has friends, I seem to have many things to laugh about.” I will,” he said.

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