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“I have the ability to be selected in the first place” Confidence of a strong second place candidate

Henderson did not give up the No. 1 ranking.

Scoot Henderson, who is participating in the 2023 NBA draft, had an interview with ‘The Athletic’ on the 18th (Korean time). Henderson revealed his aspirations for the first pick in this position.

Henderson is a player called the second Derrick Rose. With his explosive athleticism and versatile attacking skills, he can aim for goals anytime, anywhere. That’s why there were many people who saw him as a first-class talent.스포츠토토

But Henderson didn’t get much of the spotlight in the draft lottery on the 17th. This is because San Antonio, who secured the first pick, and Victor Wembanyama, the supernova of France, who is called the de facto first pick, drew attention.

The San Antonio Spurs, who took the first pick, are very likely to nominate Wembanyama, a big man who will open a new era following David Robinson-Tim Duncan.

Wembanyama also clenched his hands when he saw the scene where San Antonio won the first pick. In addition, he expected to wear the San Antonio uniform, saying, “France and San Antonio have a special relationship.”

But Henderson didn’t rule out San Antonio either. In other words, he predicted that he would be able to claim first place honors, overtaking Wem Banyama.

Henderson expressed confidence, saying, “I think I have the ability to be selected in the first place. I believe in myself, just like other competitors have.”

However, there is also a prospect that Henderson may fall to the third place, not the first or second place. It is expected that Henderson can be overlooked because superstar Lamelo Ball, who has an overlapping role with him, is alive and well in the Charlotte Hornets, which holds the second pick.

Then he joins the Portland Trail Blazers with the third pick.

“I think he’s going to work out in Portland,” Henderson said. “If he joins there, he doesn’t have to hold the ball very long. When the opportunity comes, he just wants to score.”

Meanwhile, Henderson spent this season with the G-League Ignite, not the NCAA. He averaged 17.6 points, 5.1 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game all season. Henderson wants juniors who dream of advancing to the NBA to experience the G League first.

“A lot of players want to play in the G League,” Henderson said. “I want our juniors to see what we’ve built, and I want them to know that they don’t have to take the traditional route of going to the NCAA.”

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